Welcome !
The Symbol of Ptah, the Mark of Vishnu, the Seal of Solomon, the Sign of the Heart Chakra - they are all the same:
A pink triangle of Spiritual Love and a green triangle of Physical Love intermingled
- the joining of Heaven and Earth, of Spirit and Soul, of Mind and Matter....
It is the Logo of our Society.
Executive Secretary:
John Living,   P.Eng.
RR#1   S9   C6,   Galiano Island,
British Columbia,    V0N 1P0
Toll Free 1-866-369-7464
Email:  jliving@direct.ca

Visit Our Home Page - Learn More About Intuition !
How Intuition and Love are Linked to Your Heart, Techniques you can learn to Access Your Intuition 'On Demand' !

Books published by the Society
Your Pendulum booklet - A quick introduction to getting true answers: find lost items, locate water, overcome geopathic stress, simple healing, improve health.
Earth Radiation - the world famous report by Käthe Bachler on the location and neutralization of energies causing geopathic stress - the result of her investigations on 11,000 people in more than 3,000 places in 14 countries - detailed records of the harmful effects on health including Cancer, Allergies, Arthritis, Insomnia, Learning Disabilities, and many other diseases.
Intuition 'On Demand' - an explanation of the 'Human Being' - how we have 'Soul Senses' and how our Heart-Mind-Brain team can manipulate our nervous-muscular system to signal us with answers to properly worded questions to help us and our families.
Sleep Well, Be Healthy - a condensed version of 'Earth Radiation' (with case histories) designed to educate people (including medical staff) of the importance of overcoming noxious earth energies to improve health.
Intuition Technology - we (and 'All That Is') are all manifestations of energy fields - so we can communicate ! Includes all of the book Intuition 'On Demand' but goes much deeper into magnification of signals and working with the Angelic Realm and other Healing Beings to overcome ill health.
Vibrational Energy Healing - written by Bill Ellis, a Master Healer and Teacher in England - introduces healing methods that are completely new, and gives improved techniques for distant healing effective for patients many miles away. Other books talk about healing - this teaches you how to do it !

Healing & Dowsing Tools
Hand crafted glass bead Pendulums, 'L' rods with smooth action, small but sensitive Bobbers that fit in your pocket.
Healing Bracelets and Energy Rings based on the designs of Georges Lakhovsky. The bracelets increase the radiance of your blood so that germs and viruses are repelled. The neck rings have an immediate effect on overcoming headaches and migraine attacks. The Healing Rings reduce undesirable energies in a person's aura.
The 'Ptah Pendulum' This has been seen by clairvoyants to explode dark spots in a person's aura into light ! The best tool for healing problems in auras and light bodies - problems seem to arise there first, before manifesting in the physical body - found to be effective in auras 15 feet away !
Energy Harmonizers - various types which improve the energy around a home and help to foster harmony to all within range - the range has been found to extend to hundreds of feet from the harmonizer.

DVD Videos from Conventions - playable world-wide !
Joe and Marta Smith - their workshops on Dowsing and on Healing.
Harold McCoy - of the Ozark Research Institute presents his workshop on healing - watch this, learn, and then attend a workshop in person !
Walt Woods - a Past President of the American Society of Dowsers giving an advanced Dowsing workshop - plus other DVDs by Walt (see list).
John Living - DVDs of an advanced Dowsing (aka Intuition Techology) workshop, and on healing tools.
and other presenters ! HRM on 'Solar Healing', Bill Askin on 'Energies are Changing', Kristina Nielsen on 'Clearing Attachments', David Ferguson on 'Unerstanding Homeopathy', Von Musgrove does 'Healing by Sound', - and more - see the list !

Weblinks to other interesting sites International Dowsing Societies, Crop Circles, Orbs (seen to make Crop Circles !), Healing tools and techniques - and more - enjoy !