Celtic Corner
Original designs inspired by the art of the Celts
by Alastair Luke

Wedding Invitation Design

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I am now married to the most beautiful woman in the world. Words cannot express the love and devotion I feel towards my wife, Tara.

I can see myself several years ago. A little lost, a little confused. I had no idea as to what I wanted or didn't want. I roamed around, experienced life, tasted this, tried that. I learned a few things thankfully. Enough to know that I liked learning. So I kept going, through some good times and some bad. Eventually I found someone that was to be a very important part of my life. That someone was me! This was quite an important time for me. Things really started to change and I began to see more clearly.

One day I was standing on the beach, watching the waves crash in. I was a single guy but I knew that one day soon I would meet her. I didn't have to rush anything. I didn't have to search anymore. It would just happen on its own accord. A little while later I met another person that was to become a very important part of my life. That person was Tara.

I went back to that beach a few days ago. I watched the same waves crash into the same shore, and thought, 'I guess things never really change. I was always with her, we just hadn't met yet.'

Why am I so happy? Tara is intelligent, beautiful, warm, gentle, caring, strong ....

.... and I love her dearly.

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