Celtic Corner
Original designs inspired by the art of the Celts
by Alastair Luke

Guestbook Entries

Your artwork is incredible and your commentaries characteristic Irish. I loved visiting the site.

Hi to all the Celts and Celtic lovers -just as me! :)
Inma Ferri Miralles from Spain! The Black irish...:)

I am really impressed with your art! I have been looking at several celtic pages recently, and by far yours has been one of the best. Best of luck, keep up the good work!
Heather Lorimer from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I like your page. I am looking for some type of celtic design to get tatooed on my arm. I had a great time looking at your work, and I urge you to continue to draw these types of art.
Brandon Smith from California U.S.A.

I think this is a wonderful site I have recently been to the National Gallery in Canberra Australia to view the book of Kells it was wonderful and so are your designs. I am sure you would have a very generous spirit it shows in the discriptive way you write and design. Thankyou once again.
Elizabeth Livingston from Penrith, New South Wales, Australia

Thank You so much. My partner and I are wishing to have a celtic wedding and have had trouble getting any designs to use on our wedding stationary and on our cake. You have just saved the day. Your work is simple, but yet breath-taking, elegant and historical. May you continue to be inspired as you have inspired me.
Natasha Bruce from New Zealand

Love this website. Nice brite colors!!
ImTigerPrincess from Sacramento, California

Dear Alastair, Your artwork is beautiful. I hope you don't mind that I downloaded the Celtic Cross, I want to make a trellis for my garden based on a Celtic design, yours has caught my eye. I ended up on your page via a search of Yahoo UK. Thanks.
Ruth Quinlin from Roseneath, Ontario, Canada

Harry Blair from Greensboro, North Carolina USA

Exquisitely informed spiritual work.
S. E. Coffey from Fresno, California (currently)

Dear Alastair, I enjoyed watching your designs. I am too caught by the beautiful work of the celts I am also driven by inspiration and passion and I recognize your frustration sometimes. I work mostly on paper, but once a year with Easter I put my designs on eggs. If you want to see them, you can find them on Aidan Meehan's art coracle, on What's new ! Wishing you much inspiration and regards.
Trudy van den Berg from The Netherlands

Very nice work, I like very much Celtic art, and I think your's is much alike to real Celts, oh! and yes it is ART.
Alberto Hernandez from Mexico City

Very lovely story of your love and delightful drawings.
Patty from Steubenville,OH

Alastair, Mr Luke, Sir, You have collected some great work and information here, and your own work is worthy of comment, or many comments, of the complimentary type. You have also put these elements together in a fine looking, cohesive and effective site. I'm impressed, and delighted to have all these things put together so nicely. Kudos. I'm wondering, looking at your "other links" section, if you're from or living in B.C., perhaps on Vancouver Island? You must have, at least, visited our fair, (if slightly odd), province, cycling and B&Bing mayhaps? If you are living here, or when you visited, have/did you get out to the UBC Fine Arts Library and have a look at the facsimile of The Book of Kells? A rare beast, comparable only to the original. I surely hope you have. It would be interesting, on my part, in any event, to speak with you. If, for any reason you might like to do that, or just say 'Hello' to a neighbour, (if we are neighbours...or not), by all means, use the e-address above, or Hammett@writemail.com, or Doc.Burns@Canada.com. They will all find me within the day. In any event, I found your site well made and well stocked and I congratulate you on it. Thank you, be well, Doc H. Burns
Doc Burns (Tanist) <doc@Keltia.zzn.com>
Vancouver, British Columbia Canada - Friday, May 14, 1999 at 17:03:14 (PDT)

I just consider to make Celtic art(knot work) and Japanese wooden box art conbined design box. Please show histric celt wooden box if you know some. I like very old design's.
Hozumi Tanaka <trion@ma.neweb.ne.jp>
Yokohama, Kanagawa Prf Japan - Friday, May 14, 1999 at 06:57:40 (PDT)
There's a hooley down in Finnigan's house tonight. Please note that we will be giving out few Alistair-cookie design tatoos after the spuds.
Flora van Wageningen <vanwagef@cadvision.com>
The Crankymom's house, Alberta-shire Canaaaada eh? - Tuesday, May 11, 1999 at 15:36:29 (PDT)
hey alastair-cookie!!!!! awesome page!!! :) niamhy
niamhy <pochacco1@home.com>
smalgary, alberta canada - Tuesday, May 11, 1999 at 15:31:55 (PDT)
Hey, Alastair. I am enjoying your site very much. I'll be emailing you soon. Miss you much! Keep up the fantastic work on this site! I'll be back here to browse again soon!
Tina E.
Regina, SK -
Wonderful! I've always loved Celtic art! Happy you are making it available to the masses!
Jeanine Grant Lister <jeaninel@mindspring.com>
Lexington, KY USA -
A great piece of work. Your site is excellent
Greg <gds30801>
there are some awsome picture of celtic art here and i think i just found myself a new tattoo, thanx dude
BEX FRIEL <bex.friel@amcom.co.nz>
dunedin, New Zealand -
Thanks for helping me put together my next tattoo.
JPB <Johnp9698@aol.com>
Colorado Springs, CO USA -
Just wanted to tell you that your Celtic clip art is beautiful! I'm a big fan of knotwork. Been looking for a new tattoo design and I think I found one here!
Jennifer L. Jones <jonesy71@mindspring.com>
Essexville, Michigan USA -
Nice site..I'm Scotch/Irish (My dad's side) Boggs - Clan from Scotland went to Ulster Ireland 1500's.... Keep up the good work
John Boggs <jnb@copeinc.com>
as, New York USA -
I came onto this sight because my boyfriend is Irish and he wants to get a Celtic cross tatoo. His mom is Irish and she can't figure out if the designs in the cross can be made to mean something. He thinks that each part of the cross has something to do with ancient Irish priests. Like one part is love, and one part is family and so on. I was wondering if you knew. If you could please e-mail me back. Thank you. Great work.
Ynea <ynea10@html.com>
San Diego, -
You have a beautiful website, and it's obviously done with care and love. I have taken the liberty of downloading some of your free clipart. May I link to your website? Sincerely, sister Carina.
sister Carina <srcarina@2.sbbs.se>
Stockholm, Sweden -
Lovely site - your work is great.What medium do you use - paint, colour pencil? Keep up the good work. Prehaps you'd like to take a look at my site too. I especially liked your Celtic crosses.
Bernadette Bultman-Fenlon <bultman@xs4all.nl>
The Netherlands -
Hi Alastair: I saw your design on Tara's shirt yesterday and she emailed me your url. Great stuff here. I have bookmarked and will visit. See you at the 'shop' as usual. Later, Frank
Frak, Joan and Caitlyn (Punky) <locrep123@aol.com>
victoria, bc ca -
I LOVE THIS SITE!!!Am Irish and have been looking for Celtic Designs that caught my eye and yours did it! I am creating my own wedding invitations and using knotwork on the front.Thank you for your fabulous work! Slainte!
Heather <Arrianrod@aol.com>
Naugatuck, CT USA -
I have been looking for a design to go on the outside of my wedding invitation and I think I have found it. Fabulous site. Am Irish and love all of the knotwork,zoomorphic designs... Keep up the wonderful work.Slainte
heather <arrianrod@aol.com>
naugatuck, ct usa -
I have been looking for a design to go on the outside of my wedding invitation and I think I have found it. Fabulous site. Am Irish and love all of the knotwork,zoomorphic designs... Keep up the wonderful work.Slainte,heather
heather <arrianrod@aol.com>
naugatuck, ct usa -
We are positively stunned. Don't know what to say. Flabbergasted. What an amazing site! We've loved your art from the first time we saw it: I've been sending off your postcards to my friends too. And the quality of the site is very impressive! It's really cool that it's interactive! We love it. Excellent work, Alastair. But I'll beat you Rummy any time any place...
Agnieszka and Kevin <awolska@ucalgary.ca>
Calgary, Alberta You know, don't you? -
Thanks, Diolch for sharing your works with the multitudes on the Web! Celene
Celene <celene@hotmail.com>
Texas U.S.A. -
Hi you guys! Its your friend imagesalisa. Your site is beautiful. I received my boxes last week! I'll be sending your stuff today. I checked out my web site, cant get in it says file not found on all three catagories. can you check that out for me. My friend has a computer you can reach us here until april 15. see you soon! G.S.
imagesalisa <hzacharias@sprint.ca>
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada -
The beauty that emits from your work is breathtaking. I have longed for a piece of art to speak to me and I was profoundly moved through your designs. It is so rare to find talent so profound. May the Fates continue to provide inspiration.
Rayna Merkley <raynamerkley@iltnet.net>
Weatherford, Ok United States -
I cherish all of my heritage, and a lot of it is Scots-Irish. As one who has descended from the Scots-Irish populating Kentucky via the Appalacian Mountains, I deeply appreciate especially the knotwork I can find. The images you have presented here are beautiful and enchanting-- perhaps very literally. Thank you for your collection of works, particularly the free clip art. --Virginia
Virginia E. Jolly <ginnyjolly@excite.com>
Louisville, Kentucky USA -
Excellent site! I have bookmarked your site and will certainly visit again. I am the webmaster of a Celtic and Pictish site. Check it out at the URL provided. Slainte.
Joe Porter <webmaster@bluestone25.freeserve.co.uk>
Dumbarton, Dunbartonshire Scotland -
I avoid the textbook as much as possible. My students are now Celtaddicts, thanks to you and others making your work available for us to see and teach young people about! Thank you! Annie Guizado
Annie Guizado <ANETGEE@aol.com>
Salem, Oregon USA -
We are looking for a pencil drawing or other image of a walking peddler figure circa 1750. We would appreciate any help you could give us.
Cindy Bowling <cindyb@charles.cc.md.us>
La Plata, Maryland USA -
Jessica Brice
I have always enjoyed celtic legend,lore, and history. This site is beautiful. Keep up the talent and you will go far. I even have this site as one of my favorites. Geri
Geri <GdevinH@webtv.net>
Fremont, Michigan USA -
Thank you for sharing your beautiful artwork! You are very talented, indeed. I would have liked to seen one woman and one man rather than two men on the wisdom piece. I believe this would bring more balace and realism. Women have long seeked wisdom and have often lost their lives in doing so. Thank you!
T. <artla@worldnet.att.net>
Tampa, Fl -
Your art work is sincere and inspirational, especially since good Celtic art is rare to encounter. Love your page!
Vercingetrix (ha, ha!) <asnderman@prodigy.net>
Excellent site !
Leif Hoeglund <l.hoglund@telia.com>
Sweden -
A wonderful page with lots of beautiful pics =)
Susie <Angiztearz@aol.com>
St.Paul, MN USA -
Very interesting, and lovely clipart, come check my page out, tx, Libby :-)
Libby <Libby@cableregina.com>
Regina, Saskatchewan Canada -
Great site. Enjoyed browsing your site. Fantastic work....
Gayle <gayle3@worldnet.att.net>
Smyrna , GA USA -
Volunteer on a committee that runs an Annual Celtic Festival (24th). Needed something to grab atten. local radio your art work should really do the trick! We operate on shoe string and all money goes into the Festival providing 90% free entertainment a great family weekend. If you're in Oz last w/end before Easter it would be great to see you at the Big Event... Keep up the excellent creative work.
Jan Donovan <donovans@dove.net.au>
Kapunda, South Australia Australia -
I love your webpage! I was specifically looking a thistle band to go around my ankle. I now have many designs to emulate when I get my next tattoo! Thanks
Jacquelyn R Black <grnilass@busprod>
Tulsa, Ok -
Your Celtic page is absolutely lovely. Also checked out WWW.electricferret.com. That too is a beauty for Celtic art. Perhaps your admirerers would like that also. What a joy to have your work! Thank you. Meg
Meg <meg@cshore.com>
Madison, CT USA -
i loved your site.i was told the irish worshiped the sun -when the christians come they incorporated the sun with the cross
KATHLEEN MCGINLEY <kmcginley@interactive.net>
chester, n.j. usa -
Your friends are right: you are an artist! Faa-aan-taa-aastic!!!!!!
P.A. Kelly <ariadne@primenet.com>
Colorado Springs, Colorado USA -
I enjoy the Celtic art that you have. I love the moods the intricate patterns make me feel. I just wish to to do art of that caliber.
Xler Darin <compy2000@thglobe.com>
Dallas, Texas U.S.A. -
My God! Your artwork is absolutely brilliant! I've used it on my website at work (Intranet) and plan to start my own WWW pages and will certainly be borrowing from you again! Stunning! Go raibh maith agat!
Bridget Curran <bridget.curran@ns.sympatico.ca>
Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada -
This is an excellent site. And you have just saved my bacon! I promised my grandson to put a three-cornered Celtic Knot design on the back of the waistcoat he wears for Irish Dancing, & at last, here on your site, as free clip art, is just the pattern I need. It will be appliqued in silver braid on a black waistcoat - should look good! I also find the construction of your site very interesting. Will be coming back again, Rainbow Blessings!
Margaret RainbowWeb <arachne@merlin.net.au>
Adelaide, South Australia -
Hi. I liked your work! I also do alot of celtic knotwork etc. I haven't finished looking - I bookmarked the site. were did you get a copy of the book of kells? Bye! Jeth
Jethro Brice <JethroBrice@Hotmail.com>
Jerusalem, Israel Israel -
A great page! There are so many I just zipped through, but yours was very interesting! I hope you keep it for a time to come!! Question: Do you have any pictures or information on Druidic staffs? Please feel free to e-mail with any information...thank you!
Marcy Shortuse <mshortuse@yahoo.com>
Englewood, FL USA -
I have recently begun studying the art of Celtic Knotwork, & the construction methods involved. I have completed a couple of simple panels and found it to be an exhausting, though satisfying endeavour! I have to say that out of all the relevent sites I have been exploring, your artwork is by far the most beautiful, and you are truly gifted, not only with artistic skill but also with patience!! Awesome!
Jasmin Couch <jazcouch@es.co.nz>
Dunedin, New Zealand -
Great site - but I can't find what I am looking for - a border or knot design with the thistle motif used on the silver rings of bagpipes. I have visited many many sites with no luck. If anyone can help please email me and let me know. Thanks
rachel <rdawn@cheerful.com>
This is fantastic, great work I am currently starting my own play site and will use several of yoor images. THANK YOU, MB
Michael Burke <eire129@yahoo.com>
Detroit, Michigan USA -
i love the work,, i am looking for some new patterns for tatoo samples so if u get more please send them to me.... would appriciate it...
JON <meshiling@aol.com>
denver, colorado usa -
As a artist myself, I am very impressed with not only your craftsmanship but the knowledge and awareness of the culture that goes into your work. And the website is really good - nice rollovers, the embossed knotwork in stone, and wow does it load fast! Impressive work and good luck!
Mike Di Tizio <mikedtzo@yahoo.com>
Haddonfield, New Jersey USA -
I happened upon your page and artwork from the @HomeNet mailings that I get every week. Having married into a very Irish family who has traced family lineage to King Charlemaine and County Cork, Ireland, I am intriigued by your work. Thanks! I am saving your page in my bookmarks and will show my husband. I think you draw beautifully! Sincerely, Ellen Callahan:)
Ellen Callahan <callaha@home.com>
Columbia, Maryland USA -
Visited your site on recommendation from a friend. Wonderful! Your intricate work is beautifully done. Thank you so much for making it available to those who appreciate it. Please consider exhibiting at the North Texas Irish Festival in Dallas.
Marney Cullen <marneycullen@yahoo.com>
Dallas, TX USA -
Thank you for such a lovely combination of ancient and modern interpretations. And I enjoyed your selection of text to accompany the pieces. May your marriage be a source of greater joy and creativity.
Peggy <pmenck@home.com>
Nebraska -
Incredible beauty. I found a knot that I have been looking for for a very long time. I hope you keep up the work and I will visit often.
Michelle <mdcockle@grumpy.fortlewis.edu>
Durango, CO USA -
Beautiful. It was a welcome respite from surfing.
Nashville, Tennessee USA -
Your art is lovely thank you for sharing
Diana Boone <dianaboone@home.com>
Sarasota, Fla USA -
I think you have done a wonderful job with the art work and the web page! Everything is very easy to use and access. I have Netscape server and all downloaded quite nicely. Thanks for sharing a part of you. Kathy
Greer, SC USA -
Blessings for the Dreaming; the Creating; the Sharing. Joy to the joining of Alastair and Tara. May your life together be filled... with love, light, and laughter. From dusk to dawn and 'til dusk again, From Autumn to Winter, Spring, and Summer, May the Sun and Stars and Moon shine brightly upon you both. Three times three, Blessed Be. Thank you for creating and sharing your wonderful site!
Stargazing <stargazing@home.com>
Well done! You have excellent taste, and you've put together a site that's quite easy to use. I would very much like to use some of the clip art on a new Merlin site I'm building. Thanks for the immense ammount of time and effort you have clearly put into this site.
Eric Henning <eric@henning.com>
Laurel, Maryland USA -
I disagree with the comments of Wil Milan. Do not take his suggestions. Your site is terrific as is. No need to change for one person's personal preference. "Most" of us use Microsoft Internet Explorer not Netscape. He should read the latest statistics before making statements like that.
Bob Edelbrock
Well done. My compliments. Your have put together a really terrific site. Thanks for sharing.
Bob Edelbrock
Dear Alistair, You are right about a paradox. I had never thought about it that way before! Many thanks indeed for your site. As a celt of Iberian descent on my father's side, besides your art work I appreciate the links, most of which are new to me. My husband and I recently lived for lived for six years in west Cornwall. It is the landscape of my heart! Best wishes and thanks.
joy Chipping <jchipping@home.comNashville>
Nashville, TN U.S. -
Nice page and nice artwork. A couple of suggestions: - Please don't optimize it for Internet Explorer; most people use Netscape. If you keep it generic everyone can enjoy it equally. - Please please please get rid of the "thanks for visiting" dialog box when one exits the site. It adds nothing of value to the site and it is very, very annoying. It makes me not want to come back to the site so as not to have that nuisance everytime I leave the page. Thanks, Wil M.
Wil Milan <wmilan@airdigital.com>
Beautiful Page. I have bookmarked it in my own personal folder.
MARY J BERGER <maryjberger@home.com>
Beautiful! Just one question, though, since you do such gorgeous artwork, how come none of these designs show up in the thumbnails for the Wallpaper designs? The Photos are just as good, but I was hoping to find some of your drawings (like one of the beautiful cross designs, or the beard pulling guys.) Keep up the good work!
Brett <bnbjohns@home>
Beautiful art...I don't know much about art, but I do enjoy it. I downloaded your clipart for my gallery. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent.
Scott <onewrld@home.com>
Nashville, TN USA -
Lovely site!,,,Was just surfing the "best" on the @Home service I have, and your site came up :o) Very nic job,,and I love your graphics. Do you have a Logo Link to use? I like to give credit when I use others designs. Thanks for some Great stuff! Joan
Joan <JEMgonzo@aol.com>
absolutly beatiful, glad I looked. You do incredible work, keep it up!!!!!
Tami <newcham@home.com>
fullerton, California USA -
Title caught my curiosty. Glad I looked. Page is VERY well done. One of the best layouts I have ever seen on a web-page. I also appreciate the large print. There are many visually-impaired people that use the internet. Your page will be a boom to them!
I love celtic knot work. I think it is the coolest and most gorgeous kind of art work in the world.
Skye' Diericks <summer@webmail.bellsouth.net>
West Palm Beach, Fl. U.S.A. -
I needed one image to help my web page have a more "complete" look; however, your work left me wondering whether I need to restructure the whole thing as your fantastic images gave me different ideas. Thanks!
Tracey <merseysky@hotmail.com>
Asheville, NC US -
I am interested in a celtic cross design for a tattoo on my ankle. Any ideas?
Elise <dorisdudley@hotmail.com>
Looks great, keep up the good work!
Tara L
Your artwork is gorgeous!
Anne T Quintal <QUINTS@prodigy.net>
North Andover, MA USA -
Nice page, great work!
John B.
- Monday, October 05, 1998 at 15:44:56 (PDT)
Baennacht aduit! I was so exccited to find your website! It's truly wonderful! Thank you for for creating such a marvelous tribute to our heritage and history!

Gil Hattier leprecaun@mindspring.com

David O'Quinn oquinn@worldnet.att.net


Tim Brown

matt mitton mymitton@fnbnet.net

cherry peaches


Beautiful site, you can loose yourself in the designs. francis.clarke-rowland@which.net

This is a wonderful site!

David Abel

I am studying on my own the culture of the Celts. I am so inspired by the way that they lived and thier beautiful artwork. Just recently I got a tattoo of an Aberlemno Cirlce on my right shoulder blade. I am still studying up on that specific circle, and I need a bit of help. If anyone has any info on this particualr design, please e mail me!
lucida_nova@hotamil.com The web sight is beautiful! thanks... ~~~Robyn

Great sight Celtic art is fascinating, tis is the best sight I've seen

One of the best pages I've ever seen, Beautiful! Read a "method of construction book" and found a stone at the "Dom" church in Utrecht Holland of scandinavian orrigin with a lot of patterns very similar to celtic art (originally made by a king Haraltr in 900 A.D. since then I've become more and more enthusiastic about celtic art, and this page is a real stimulus! Thank you, Maarten Vos (Groningen, The Netherlands)

HEY. I LEFT A MESSAGE FOR YOU. ON MY WEB SITE...PLEASE LOOK. HOWS BUSINESS.... HOWS THE STORE,VICTORIA I hope its not to late to pick up the orders, Ive been renovating....... now I feel I can Get back to work.. Maybe ask those people to call collect.I will find a good resource soon..........see you soon imagesalisa

Very nice art work - you ARE an ARTIST. CSRobinson in Jackson, MS

I'm addicted to your site! Altitona

Hello Very nice site - I look forward to the cards Slow server Best Wishes Clive


Ta go maith! Slainte! Celtic Corner is a great site!! Bruce Brooker Toronto

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = Hi! Great page!! Love the art work. melisende@hotmail.com = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

hi there!

I found this page while looking for some ideas for a tattoo that my brother asked me to design. Well I've never designed a tattoo, so I figured I'd do something Celtic cuz the patterns always give me the idea eternity and going on forever. That was what my brother wanted.Thank you for making such a complete and informative page. I will return to this page just for the hell of it now.*S*

Go raibh maith 'ad(thank you) you have done a wonderful job of this I will add yer page as a link to my own. I have used some of yer designs to my page. I'm just learning the html. I hope I do ya justice.Katnleen tirnanog56@yahoo.com

Go raibh maith 'ad(thank you) you have done a wonderful job of this I will add yer page as a link to my own. I have used some of yer designs to my page. I'm just learning the html. I hope I do ya justice.

Mrs Jacky Stuart Jacky@fifesnm.dundee.ac.uk

This is some of the best celtic art i've seen. I'd love a small design for my ankle but i want to know more about what they all mean, Any suggestions from a pro would be appreciated. PLease e-mail me.

I am NatS176@AOL.com I am interested in a small but intricate Celtic desigm for my lower back to cover an existing tatoo. The tatoo is about 3" long, and 1 1/2" wide if you have any suggestions please e-mail me! Thanks Natalie


hamish law south africa great work


Cute game. Ft Myers Bch, FL

athan rhet mccaw mccaw@lin.cbl.com.au


melinda peragine peragine1@yahoo.com

I am thrilled to have discovered your page..... Yvonne Casey-Ford celticlas@aol.com

Im getting knotwork put onn my arm so hopefully something on this page inspires me Kyle Murphy

Steven Craig Moore 1179 Ferger Fresno, CA 93712 Sprtfury66@aol.com

Terri Iwinski terriski@aol.com

Great page!!!Art work fantastic. Geowyn

Richard A. Mann (Clan GUNN) ramann@lucent.com

wow. incredible. i am utterly amazed at the detail and wonder of your work. celtic designs have always made me stop and stare for a while. to answer your question, i am currently living in texas. near dallas. that is all, i suppose. bye. *eve*

Wonderful work, indeed! If you don't mind I'll borrow a few ideas for a map I've been making! Go raibh mile maith agat! Ljubodrag Grujic, Serbia. E-mail ljubagru@bozic.co.yu

What a wonderful website! Your art is truly beautiful. Bonnie Blake

Your page is great; you do beautiful work. Emily Hotchkin

Wonderful collection of Celtic art. I'm a Web Site Designer and hope to highlight some of your work. Tim (webmaster@wilcur.com) http://www.wilcur.com


cameron scot 3408 east archer tulsa,ok

Greg Byrd byrdman@ctc.net 35 Bluff Ave SW Concord, NC 28025

Tania Elliot North Perth Western Australia Beautiful!!Impressive

hello! my name is Sionne Ward. i am very excited to see all these celtic artwork pages. i am interested in getting a tatoo of a celtic knot. if you have any neat black and white knots, please send them to me. my email is sionne@usa.net THANX!!!

With your permission I should like to add your fine Celt Art, for art itself comes of its own cognition! (Even wakes us midsleep, no?) I am putting up a Manx Surname Webpage in Athens/Academy myself. Go find your works there. If you do not wish them presented, please do let me know? Wonderful !?! Slainte, K A Clague

Fascinating stuff! Beautiful, too! :> Hutchy@aol.com


Hi my name is Jennifer and I am from Michigan. I just love the artwork that I have seen so far! I really like the celtic designs. GSHOCK87@aol.com

Dorothy Anne Macdonald

Barbara M. imagesentin (celticfire1@juno.com)

Just wanted to say I really enjoy your work, keep it up. Ann Brodrick

Denise Buckley Orrington, Maine jdbuck@aol.com

Frank Malone Palos Verdes, California Beautiful Artwork, Congratulations and thank you for sharing.......

Stumbling across a site like yours makes trudging through the net worthwhile. Superb Celtic Art ! And a great looking site ! Like many I am just beginning and finding George Bain a good tutor. Tim Young, Leeds, England. tim.young@mcmail.com

I've been scanning celtic stuff all evening and was fortunate enough to hit your site.I can't wait to show my wife,she loves the knots and artwork.Do you have any of the work in prints? I'll be back for some of the shirts! Charlie Johnson:Yuthrev@aol.com Lynchburg,Va.

This is the best two hours I've had all month. A feast for the eyes and imagination. Thanks a million!


Jennifer Robertson avalon44@hotmail.com great site! im a celtic artist too, tho just beginning, really. have you ever heard of an artist called David Rankine? he's the best, and i want to recommend him..... Jen

Catharine E. Holt Millbrae, CA

polycarpa@aol.com. forgot to say I live in Kansas if you want to know wherefrom. I still like your work.

polycarpa@aol.com I love your pictures.

john costilow

Hello, I'm intrested in celtic Wicca, if you have any info please E-mail me at vdora@icanect.com . I've been studing for about 2 years now and am very intrested in celtic Wicca. Thank you in advanxe...p.s. love your sight. Aradia Ravensign

shelly heidt sheidt@juno.com BTW if anyone is into Irish Music, a great band is Iona. Two of my favorite albums are "the Book of Kells' and "beyond These Shores" (with songs inspired by Brenon's voyage).

Hello, I'm Shelly Heidt, origionally from Wisconsin, USA, but am currently in Seminary in Kansas City , Mo. USA. I have always been interested in Celtic culture and history. I am currently doing a research project on the expression of Christianity in Celtic art/ culture. Thanks for the interesting and beautiful page :)

Heidi Star hdstar@goldrush.com nice pictures. looking for possible loomed beadwork patterns. Yellow on cream letter are very difficult to read!

Christine caddy@advsys.co.uk The Isle of Man where I live has a wonderful Celtic heritage Thank you for your beautiful pages

Hi, Alistair: I have done this three times. Not sure why I cannot get to your e-mail. Its ok though, thank you for sending Lantell his e-mail he is very happy to here from his friends. I am sad I didnt see you before leaving Victoria... Miss your jokes; Hi Tara, hows the wolf medicine... Ill be in Santa Fe at least one more week. I am going through a lot of changes....


Bruce Schneider 213 ontario St. Victoria b.c. v8v 1n1 carvart@bc.sympatico.ca


Kevin Kline chunk@global2000.net Just wanted to say thanks, I've been looking for a good prechristian celtic cross design for awhile now and yours is the best I've seen. Troy,NY

Kevin Kline chunk@global2000.net Just wanted to say thanks, I've been looking for a good prechristian celtic cross design for awhile now ammd yours is the best I've seen. Troy,NY

Kevin Kline chunk@global2000.net

Love your work.Good color and not as tight as many celtic artist.I'm Steve O'Loughlin from L.A. Calif. and also a Celtic artist. I'm participating in a book of other celtic artists printed by Cassell in London. Are you involved with it? Keep up the good work. e-mail adress psychicdog@aol.comm


Absolutely beautiful and inspiring artwork. Thank you for sharing! Mary Lee (Maire) New Orleans, Louisiana

Rocky Romeo at rockyr@earthlink.net

L.A. Christie from Valdosta, GA checking out free clip art for a project & found you!

Shirley Lane Frenchtown, NJ I recently have been introduced to Celtic art and have fallin in love with it. My body will one day be covered with celtic tatoos.

Shirley lan

Hope Taylor, San Antonio, TX


debbie sipe

D. Cain Natchitoches, LA USA

Philip Alexander Alabama, USA kd4rfa@mindspring.com

Janet from Glendale, NY I'm a wannabe Celt (I'm German-American) and I love everything Celtic, especially their knotwork

I was at a sight and this guy made some graet graphics Celtic type you should check it out http://www.geocities.com/soho/studios/6894 great stuff


marc millard

Lorna Barrowman I am from Scotland. I have been in the U.S. for about 15 years. Still have an accent! awgb@cet.com

Alastair, I really enjoyed your page. I have been looking for some Celtic Clip Art, and found your page to be the best resource. Many thanks. Mr. Robert Cummings Kallangur. 4503 Queensland. Australia.

andrew hurley, county cork in ireland

Hello, i was here from afar and now i go again Brody Mader

frank bennett rr #1 mountain grove ontario canada

Hey I'm just a celt who loves our history. Thanks for sharing your pieces. I live in Inverness, Nova Scotia. Catriana is my name and you can find me at: dobie1@auracom.com.

Your website is now in my 'favourites' file! Wishing you love, luck and happiness for Christmas and the New Year - Dani Brown, Armidale, Australia

HI there!!! My name is Charisma B. Garrett, and I am currently living in the Azores, which is about 300 miles from inland Portuimages. I turned to your website, because I love Celtic Art, and I was thinking of getting a tattoo in Celtic Art form. A couple of your art pieces are a great idea. Thanks a million, Good Luck to you and your girlfriend. Sincerely, Charisma. P.S. If you have a book on different art goods (celtic), could you mail it to: PSC 76 BOX 1107 APO AE 09720. THANK-YOU AND A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Enjoyed your site--the graphics are wonderful! Linda Griggs zephyr@vocis.com

Derek Tristan White

Chris Brant Garrett, Pa I love this page. Its the first page that I have found that has trinity knots! Thank you so much for creating a page of quality knots. Peace Always

MaryAnne Campbell Great site with beautiful artwork. I'll recommend it to all my friends. Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations.

Brian Chamberlin Dallas, TX

Hello! Greetings from Toronto!!! Your work is the best celtic art on the internet so far. Merry X-Mas. from Lydia.

Greetings from Sweden and a Merry Christmas to you all! Love, Anna

Debi Brockman DebiBrk@aol.com Phoenix, AZ USA Student of Archeology and Ancient History, esp. Authorian history

Michael D. True Originally from Wash. State currently in the USAF - sorry haden't looked yet. excellent work i enjoyed your page very much and will return soon-

Michael D. True Originally from Wash. State currently in the USAF

Glenn Ernway Bell e-mail ernway@juno.com Chandler Police Dept Chandler, Az 85224 very nice site, thanks

Greetings and my thanks to you for the fine art that you do and are willing to "show off". I am AJ Murphy and I was born and raised in Alaska. Now I reside in Overland Park Kansas I am still learning but the designs that you do give me goose bumps and am happy that my eys have been able to see such fine work.... again my thanks.. TazmaninKS@aol.com

Jillian Beaton aka VOLVAT@aol.com Loved the celtic cross with the christian influence. It is absolutely beautiful. I am currently looking for the perfect knotwork design for a tattoo. I have one similar to the design at the top of the page (not the one with the birds, but the more plain one) and love it, I need another one since I like it so much. Your work is lovely. Sincerely, Jillian

steve and trav think this is splendid Hurrah thrice and twice to you all.

steve and trav

Becky Lee 1335 Valley Green Rd. Etters, Pa. 17319


Kass Beach

Ricky Smith, from Uphall in West Lothian, Scotland. Only one word describes your page. Superb I'll be back!!

Anthony Browne.I'm from Tralee Co. Kerry Ireland. I live in the USA. Nice Page.I enjoyed it.

Ritchie Smith CNT Marketing 414-428 Midsummer Boulevard Milton Keynes MK9 2EA United Kingdom

Michelle Anderson, from Athens, Georgia


HI!! I'm a student from Denmark with an interest in celtic arts( especially knotwork) My name is Lasse and i am 19 years old. I'm trying to become a teacher In my sparetime I like to be a viking I'm very good at making longbows from the vikingage and that takes a lot of my time I also like to make jewelrys in silver and gold, but I need some patterns taht I can use If you think this is interesting, then write me at my e-mail: franz@post5.tele.dk Hope to hear from you!

Heather Peaslee and Kacy Green We both live in the states, and she is very interested in Celtic knot work (she being Kacy).

Hi my name is Kristian and I'm very interested in celtic art work and celtic tattoos, I enjojed your web site thank you for letting me sign your guest book. Please sent me more information on celtic art work at kristian_smith@hotmail

Shena Allen sallen@holly.colostate.edu

Kevin Todd McConnell

Austin Murdock Arlington, WA Excellent work !

Elizabeth You'r art is beautiful. I'm looking for ideas for a celtic tatoo and your work really helped. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work!

Hi! My name is Cristina Boothe and I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I'm afraid your friends' accusations are true. You are an artist! An outstanding one.

Marilyn Schuette… …a graphic designer from Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA; looking for Celtic embellishments for several projects, including a client's logo, a book, and a client's web-page. If you communicate regularly with your visitors, sign me up at creatsol@usit.net. I'll be back in touch with you, perhaps for some help with design work. Are you available for same? Rates? Tell me more. Thanks, MS

First Book@aol.com


This are great!! Thank you for sharing them. I have been studying Celtic designs for a wall hanging and these have given me lots of inspiration. Ema. ema@angelic.com

Barbara Edwards Have been searching for a couple of weeks for celtic info and art work. Your web pages were just great. They gave me more links that i needed. Just learning from another friend about my celtic heritage. Would like very much to do a link to your web pages when we get ours up. Our web page will be of celtic theme also. E-mail address is dewelch@bte net

I love your Designs! From Valerie in B.C. Canada!

Rourke O'Arrachtain

Anne Graham Nice. You capture the stylized animalism well.

Jen Smith University of Delaware

Wow! Having just started getting into the celtic artform I am completely blown away by the intracacy and delicacy of your works! I'm not quite speachless but am stunned! I can only hope to do half as well with my own poor efforts. Thanks for sharing, Melissa S. Winger

this art, which illustrates the inter-connectedness of all things is wonderful to behold!

Danniel Smitonns

Your page is beautifully done, and it is a joy to look upon these images... Thank you..... ~Asmyr Silvermann~

Faith & FI Honolulu, Hawaii

James Burke Jr.

Florinda M. Rosen Mexico City Mexico

Your work is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it. Melanie Melann44@aol.com

Aimee Stubbs Susanville, California 10/24/97

Love your knotwork - keep up the good work. It seems there are a lot of people who get totally absorbed in it and I thought I was the only one! May the sun always shine for you Tricia, Scotland

Hi - i'm Aryne, & i love cool stuff like Celtic art. Someday i'll put my art on the Net, but i don't know when. Live long & prosper! (insert 7-pointed star here) Email - Emaria@tenet.edu

Kim Wallace 9 Brown st Traralgon Victoria Australia 3844

Paul Hawkinson 4 Haw Creek Circle Asheville NC USA 28805 E-Mail PH13787@appstate.edu

Dear Friends It's a pleasure to see that our common roots are still alive.Congratulations for your beautiful work. Gregoire Demets,Brazil gdemets@quim.iq.usp.br(oops!)

Dear Friends It's a pleasure to see that our common roots are still alive.Congratulations for your beautiful work. Gregoire Demets,Brazil gdemets@quim.iq.br

Hello Alastair! Loved your page. I'm searching Celtic knots for designs on a new back peice tattoo. You've done some awesome work. Thanks! Tammy Salyer Grand Junction, CO

Very nicely done. I found your work impressive. Sagart.Og

Great celtic art. I cannot write enough about it, so I'll be brief: MARVELOUS!!

This page is great! I am an Irish Dancer and looking for some designs for my dress, thanks for the ideas. I also love to draw knots and this page has helped a great deal! Liz

Camille Tovee craijack@onlink.net Nice to see some beautiful work. Absolutely wonderful. I would love to cross-stich some of your designs. Keep up the good work. Catscratch

Debra Elholm Madison, WI

Excellent designs carry on the good work. May inspire me A Celt from England Cyprian

Jeanette- Indiana USA

Christina Saulsbery Senior Undergraduate @ Western Illinois University Macomb, IL C-Saulsbery@wiu.edu

Dan McDaniel AAgoth1@aol.com

No one will ever confuse me with an artist, but I have become quite passionate about drawing Celtic knots and panels. I also use G. Bain's book. Your page is an inspiration. THANKS. Melissa

AnnMarie GatensbyWhitehorse, Yukon TerritoryCanada

carol hayes Southland New Zealand

Stunning! Please continue showing off! Ah, how I envy you your talent!! Karen Cutshaw Knoxville, Tennessee kcutshaw@bellsouth.net



Dawn Cropper from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

amaher@ucla.edu From California - looking for designs for my wedding invitation It's an Irish-Scottish family merger! Excited to see your work! Thanks, Amy

Paula Gellert of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

Sarah Rohret of Cedar Falls, Iowa

e nixon erika

Sara Antes from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

David Melendi Palacio

adam alexander ghering

I thoroughly enjoyed your page. Keep up good work Kari Perry-Victoria, TX USA

I thoroughly enjoyed your page. Keep up good work

Kari Perry


I was enchanted by the beautiful artwork. You are blessed with a special talent. --Jamie (jamiep@efn.org) http://www.efn.org/~jamiep

Looking for inspiration for a tattoo!

Lloyd E. Helms

Shannon Keenan

Was looking for some interesting designs for my pottery, great work! Thanks.

shakersin was here! great page! some of the best celt art i've seen in awhile!

Aaron Grogan gaedel@lightspeed.net


Great Site! I have some knotwork tatoos and your site gave me some good new Ideas. Jason Duerr, NJ.

Thanks for the tattoo idea!!Great artwork. Tom McLaughlin NJ

Great Pix I have bookmarked your site and will return many times Murry Faraday 327 Morrison Street Fremont, Ohio 43420-4420 419.332.4379 peanut@intelliworks.net

susan noblet winnipeg mb canada

Hi! hope you remember me from Sheldon, I live in Saskatoon now, and am looking for Celtic images to use for personal letter heads and other forms for my gymnastics club. I am the head coach in North Battleford now. Having a great time!! Took me back to see your name!! Love your work. I'll write back and leave you my e-mail when I have my own computer!! Take care, hope to hear from you sometime!! your old friend Jodie Bevis

Cynnie Martin aka Celticpaw@aol.com I have become very interested in Celtic legends and beliefs of late and very much enjoy your work. Suggest Morgan Llywelyn as a great historical fiction read.

Kurt Phillips- Fantastic site. Great ideas for tattoos. Thanks a bunch.


I'm a member of the SCA and I enjoy doing calligraphy. These designs are a great accompaniment. Thanks! Teresa Stearns-San Diego, CA or Karidwyn Skye Sayce of Calafia in the kingdom of Caid.

Tiemen from holland was here ! Nice page indeed, go on and keep the good work up !

I have been looking for some beautiful designs to decorate a drum I have made--thank you!!Deanna Mc Clain--San Diego California

Tim Akey

Justine C. Turner 736 S. Humphrey Oak Park, IL 60304-1717 E-mail: JT061079@aol.com I am so intrigued by the irish history and art thank you for this lovely site

michelle taylor thepunisher666@msn.com

michelle taylor

Wytchcat of Siren's Call Studios-Lovely Site

Zx50 aka CeltStar13 Melissa McCammon-Bautista. Mobile, AL San Antonio, TX

RHEAS HELM rheashelm@aol.com

hello. I am Eva, a little skinbyrd from Miami, Florida. I have been looking for celtic knotwork as a possible design for tattoos. So far, it's all been good beatgirl@bellsouth.net

Hi! I'm of Irish descent, step-danced under Michael Flatley when i was in grade school and he was nobody.. Now looking for Celtic pentagrams to decorate my Book of Shadows with. Your work is excellent--keep it up! I'm glad you're a show-off :) Witchsong@aol.com

Amanda Wygant Lake Arrowhead, CA I am looking for a celtic design for a tatoo

M-A Williams You're a truly gifted artist. Thank you for sharing your talents with us all. ThndrKissn@aol.com

Karen Lawrence-Palatine, IL-e-mail klawrence@kraft.com

Ronald Shook, Logan, Utah. Thank you very much for your art.

Rod Nicolette Baltimore, MD I keep getting the urge to learn. Perhaps you have spurred me to action. advdata@mail.bcpl.lib.md.us

Great work!!!! I love looking at pages like this. Elysia

Kristin Olson, alternately Iowa/Massachusetts USA. Beautiful work. ryhenna@geocities.com


Noah S Nethero USAHC Giebelstadt CMR 408 BOX 211 APO AE 09182

John D. Lupo

Steve Clarke Gainsborough Lincolnshire England e-mail steve@dead-eye.demon.co.uk

Like Jen from Toronto, I too am looking for a knot design for a tattoo. Thanks, Louis Manges, Alameda, CA

J Neilson

Ilove the celtic art that you have don want to see more. RINGER Little Rock Ar.


Beautiful work. Great work. I love Celtic art and music. Incase you didn't know, Stephen R. Lawhead is a great Celtic writer and has some good artwork himself. Jonathan EagleF4296@aol.com

Beautiful work!!!!! Look forward to seeing more in the future. You ARE an artist. valkyrie@netbridge.net

Whimsy, Pozland@tri-lakes.net SW Missouri Fun site. Thanks for sharing!


Pandorah SilverLion NYC,NY EandZB@worldnet.att.net Enjoy the Graphics,can't wait to check in again and see new ones added:-)

Bruce W. Phillips 369 Poplar Drive Brooks, GA 30205 Beautiful work!

I have been doing The Celtic Knots in wood and in crossstitch and sketching for about six years. I am working on turning alot of my designs into tattoos and walkways. It does my heart good to see others becoming interested in keeping this ancient and beautiful art form alive. Thank-you for a wonderful site. J.Kelly yumarats@aol.com

imagesadriel Smith

Bronwyn Bauer Far North District libraries Bay of Islands, New Zealand BFB@FNDC.GOVT.NZ

Ken Hall

I especially love the beard pullers! Thanx for sharing your art--Kimberly in Maine

Beautiful and informative! These are among the best web pages I've seen, and your art work is wonderful. Pamela

Rev. Pamela Masterson SE London Beautiful art work - thankyou for sharing

Nice page,great work ! Just getting started with Celtic art. Would love to hear from any other Celtic artists: please WRITE me at:Maureen Jones R R #1 Norwich,ON Canada N0J 1P0 Thanks, Alastair!


Tim and Angela Willis lilith@flash.net http://www.flash.net/~lilith Great drawings! By far the best place for Celtic designs!

lippittc@aol.com Great page!

CCoachmanW@aol.com from Williamsburg Va nice work enjoyed it



spedp5@iol.ie Special School in Letterkenny Co. Doneimages Ireland. Look forward to showing your beautiful work to the children in September. Meanwhile, glad I got up early this morning and discovered this treasure. Go raibh mile maith agat.



Your artwork is beautiful and very inspiring! Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Kym :) (Smylin1@aol.com)

Molly Kinderknecht aka Trajik

Skip Glimore of Glendale,CAtrapezium@earthlink.netLooking forward to seeing moreof you work. I'm just startingout as a Celtic/Pictish Artistmyself and your work isvery inspiring.Thanks

Taliesin, SF, Ca, USA, as a fellow Celtic 'artist' it's great to see more and more great Celtic artwork sites on the web!


Claydon.in perth australia.i am heavily into celtic tattooing and irish pre history.


anthony duffy and chris smith , Adelaide australia Well Done keep it up

Dear Alastair, Hello Mystic Mallary here, it seems there is not much to be said so many atmauers, how can I compete? As you already know your work is fantasic, hope you keep it up cetic art work takes much practice and time. I am from Maryland, USA My e-mail is MysticM8@aol.com May peace and love be with you

Enjoyed your web site! Kathy (launchpad) Foster, Tucumcari , New Mexico

Shannon Leigh, N.Ca, USA Beautiful stuff love!

Robyn--Austin, Texas Thank you for putting such beautiful art on the Web!

Baedon@aol.com from Lincoln NE USA

Go han-mhaith! Very good! I would like to see more of your work, also. Bail ó Dhia ar an obair! - Anne Cooke, Arlington, TX

Jennifer~Devon, PA Love your art..you are very patient and gifted.

Deacon Lou Corrigan

Sherri..~Dallas, Texas.

One of the classiest Web Sites I have ever seen. Thanks... :)

Very beautiful artwork! I want to see more ! Till@provinz.bz.it

peter near phila. pa looking for a tattoo design you've got some great stuff!!!


Duncan Tolmie near Glasgow in Scotland - d.tolmie@virgin.net Beautiful work!

noelt@global.co.za Pretoria South Africa.Pure art work at it's bestTotal facination.

Lots of applause for your artwork. Beautiful! Ceridwen, Evansville, IN, USA.

Kerry ReidOshawa ONT.

Hey, brother! How are ya? See you in six months! Richard(still in Japan).

Raymond Gaudart, Rossland, BC, Canada

Michel den Dulk Magnoliastaat 29 3202 BW Spijkenisse Holland

Aaron from Los Angeles Cool stuff, thank you! I think I'm going to use some of it as wallpaper.

Krystal R.

thank for the design. I try to do some, a great experience. I look a lot carved stone on old middle age buildings and sculpture in museums. Interressing!

sure! Ü

Jen from Toronto,Canada excellent page...i plan on using s design for a tatoo..if that ok of course!

Hugh Ross hughross@telusplanet.net

maureen o'neill kappler 1487 west franklin street bisbee, arizona 85603

john ivey, san diego. ca, usa Thank you for sharing your art. It is inspiring.

Ben from Arizona: Keep up the good work, it's great to see our art living and breathing again.

tamara-from Calgary: I love your art, it is so inspirational. You truly demonstrate what celtic art is all about. Each picture has such intricate designs and each one has a unique meaning. This is your gift from God. They are very beautiful.

tamara from Calgary I love your art. It is so inspirational. You truly demonsstrate what celtic art is all about. All of the drawings have such meaning and they are all so spiritual. You are so talented. This is your gift from God!

tamara from Calgary Tamara-Calgary



Hi! I like your art. I like drawing the stuff myself. Carrie Levittown, PA, USA.

wonderful items, please forward a catalog or e-mail to Katie Bullard, Operator of the largest Irish Pub in the US for possible t-shirt sale partnership - k.bullard@worldnet.att.net

Melanie L. Wilson

Erin--new york

Kim Wallace Traralgon, Victoria, Australia

Bill Travis

Julie Dunn


Jerry Buncic


Lovely designs, tried engraving knotwork into word, not very succesfully, dont think I've got the patience. Cheers Credo from Wales. henry'skettle@dialin.net

Alia Gordon, Nanoose Bay,bc, canada Lovley work!I do simmilar style bead work so i can appreciate the time factor.

Sandy Greene London, Ontario

How do you do! :-) I'm Gediminas Pleckaitis from Lithuania and I'm the guy who is studying Computer Sciences at the Vytautas Magnus University. But the art of knots and crosses of celts are very interesting to me. And I'm proud of your works and you becouse nowadays people becomes more unspiritually in religious meaning. Thanks! :-)

Hi :) I'm Karin Anderson, from central Indiana...I was just out surfing for some celtic art for my infant webpage... it is great to see so much of it out here! I really liked your site and your work! My e-mail is seandalai@aol.com should you ever need to know...Thanks and Good Luck!

Heather Engle-Lancaster, PA

Dr. Carl Evans Cleveland, Ohio Enjoyed your work and will be back.


I'm so glad to have found your page. C.C. of Toronto

Ashley Crystal, Your Celtic crosses are some of the most beautiful I've seen!

Ashley Crystal

Dr. F. D. Weir

Definitely a bookmark here. Dave McFall... pantheist@partyline.net

HOw long have you been doing Celtic Art!?! It looks really nice. I'm never satisfied with the pieces I attempt. Mazes

I liked the smiley guy. Robert

marianne davidson cincinnati, ohio

Heather Mackintosh Heather Mackintosh

Your artwork is beautiful. I am doing a series of web pages with my elementary students on St. Brendan's Voyage and I would love to use some of your designs, but your freebie page doesn't have any artwork. Any chance you can help me out? Debra Talley Atlanta, GA USA dtalley@mindspring.com http://www.mindspring.com/~nesbit/

Laura Mills-Alcott

Laura Mills-Alcott

Can you make just a plain Celtic Triad? Thanx! -Ceit

David Campbell dreadg8@televar.com

Mark Powdermaker, Lilly PA, USA markpow@soundcity.net Excellent site, crisp and clean, just like the art.

Seamus Henry druidh@hotmail.com

Truly beautiful! You should be proud! Ina Burke - Alberta, Canada


Hello, I'm a writer doing reasearch for a book that involves timetravel back to 6th century Ireland. So I was cruising all the Celtic sites for info, art, literature, druids, ect, when I found your site. Your friends are right when they call you an artist, Alastair. I wonder if you have thought about a possible market for your work in puzzles. Some of the more inticate designs would make awesome, mindbending entertainment that way. And get that postage thing sorted out, cause I'd love to order some of your art for my office, and some of your greeting cards for my friends. plimel@nltc.net

Stunning work my friend! I am searching for a special knot to be used as a tattoo. Perhaps it will be one of yours. Love & Peace, Rain abear@gte.net

i soar productions

Beautiful artwork! I can't wait to see more.-- Charlton


JJODIN@aol.com Love your knots . I have a 2 1/2 in tattoo of an intricate knot your would look great

tscull2000@aol.com (Bro. Columban, OSB) Thanks for the great art. I would love to use some of your art in my community's webpages.

Darkwind MacKeltoi

Evan Thomas, DO MORE

Dave Carson Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Liz Guss Las Vegas Nevada conniejohnson@msn.com

Lynn Allen notfair@aol.com Newark, Delaware

Stacie H., Vancouver - Such beautiful work! Would like to see more

Stacie H., Vancouver - Such beautiful work!

Stacie Hosier - Such beautiful work!

Debbie Lord Kennewick, WA 99337

Debbie Lord

Matt Bro bromat@bethel.edu Keep it real. Eire, brother.

Tomas Oates ( MacCuirce) Now in Bristol UK . formerly of the Curragh Kildare.Ive just found you and am most impressed I make Kites and woululd like to use some simple knots inn applique work any thoughts email TomOates1@aol.com

amy davis xcmpsrv@aol.com xcmpsrv@aol.com

PARRIS DAVIES: Wow!I think your site is great! Please let me know if I can take some images off your page, I'm doing a special site for a Reniassance Reinactment Guild Called St. Andrews and I need to look for some dynamic drawings....viola! Please e-mail me if it's okay or not...sekhemet@blueneptune.com p.s- others often accuse me of being an artist too, but I think it's just from eating too much Top Ramen and Kool Aid!

Lord Perigren wonderful Art!!

Mark Cordova

Eric S Patterson +<->+ espatter@mindspring.com

Hi!Good work! I've added you to my "favourites". Are you familiar with Jim Fitzpatrick who did album covers for Thin Lizzy in the '70's? If not, seek him out for another "slant" on Celtic art!Olivia - Birmingham UK, formerly of Waterford Eire!

Siobhan Lynch.Amazing drawings! Any more?

Siobhan Lynch Amazing drawings!

KACEY CARPENTER I finally have the chance to research my family history anybody with info on the McKays please write KACEY CARPENTER PO BOX 52 EAGLE,IDAHO 83616 I DON'T HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS THANX

kacey carpenter

Marcus Mullins - crumas@worlnet.att.net

Jon le Bon (france)- brilliant stuff Al, keep it up

Robyn W. Flynn - dawgie@earthlink.net

Ciar O'Byrne - It brings me back. Lovely work!

Mark P. Hennessy Melbourne Australia E Mail : mphennes@deakin.edu.au

Neat stuff, Al. Finally got to see your web-page...Yours truly, Josh Wapp

Nick EHC@juno.com I am looking for a Celtic and Roman/Ornate design, I shall keep looking.

Paul Shoemaker shoemakp@lcm.macomb.lib.mi.us

Ivy le Jolie, a fan

Steve Cody ted1@spacestar.net Celtic wraps for a tattoo

Nice! Elin Sjølie, Norway satrdust@fix.no

Stuart Evans



Jen, Richmond, VA. WOW! I got a book on knotwork and for the life of me can't even free-hand a copy! What a great talent you have!

Christine, Winnipeg MB Canada. Great page! I would be interested in hearing more about your techniques...inks, colours, etc.

Gregorich,Oregon,U.S. Pure Killer art, do you have work adaptable to wood carving rather small objects if it sounds interesting I am at Gregorich @ aol.com THX.

slytle 7

Julia Berkowitz alias Medea

artfrek awesome page!!!!

Yours under the Oak Capt.J.Vickers

Richard in Japan. Hello brother!

Greg Booth

Martin the mad monk!

Rob Caissie

Tara B

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