Celtic Corner
Original designs inspired by the art of the Celts
by Alastair Luke

For a few years now I have been sequestering myself in small rooms, feeling driven, by inspiration from who knows where, to put pencil to paper, and to let the wonderful and beautifully complex lines of Celtic art come out. At times it is a passion, and at times, a frustration, but all in all it has become the love of my life.

My work is nowhere near that which you will find in places such as the Book of Kells, but my friends tell me they like it (I have even been accused of being an artist by some) and that I should show it off. Well, I always like showing off!

Seriously though, art is an entity unto itself. If it chooses to come out of my hand, then I am grateful. I truly hope that you enjoy the designs on the following pages as much as I have enjoyed creating them.

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