Celtic Corner
Original designs inspired by the art of the Celts
by Alastair Luke

The Celtic Tri-square

Click for larger view.

The general layout of this design is of traditional origin. It is, as you can see, broken up into different sections. This is perfect for what I like to do, namely, filling in those little sections. Each area has its own shape. Hidden in each shape is a natural pattern from which emerges a picture.

The tri-square as a whole symbolizes personal consciousness.* The outer square represents our interaction with the physical world. Here we meet the needs of our bodies and see how we relate to the natural environment. The center square stands for the spiritual side of life. Here we find our dreams and our gods, along with our level of awareness. This is where we find nourishment for the soul. The middle square is what we strive for. Finding the balance and harmony between the spiritual and the physical. These two aspects should eventually become inseperable and then indistinguishable.

* Based on information found in 'The Secret Language of Symbols' by David Fontana. pg 59

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