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The Archives page is all Iniquity related (including utilities that work with iq, such as FrontDoor, Gecho, etc), and hopefully in the future, if i find some time, will add more utilities, and have the support for them on this page.. getit?.. download that page, find help this page.. if you cant figure that out, click here, it will make you more at home.

What i have to say... well its simple.. the current version of iniquity available to the public is a26r5, which was released December 1st 1997 (a while away now)... anyways.. newer beta tests have been released to beta testers in #iniquity on EFnet, and comatose has shown me some wicked stuff that the next release of Iniquity will have.
here is comatose's log file, that he throws all his random thoughts into, so he doesnt go too crazy...

As for me, i am helping update the documentation, and trying to reformat this page so people can actually get help from it

And for all the people that run Internet Exploder, you can now access the page, as i have changed my javascript to one that IE (piece of crap) will actually work with. (thanks going to zone)

This is my little messageboard/guestbook, everything posted here will be sent to me via email, so if its a question, it should be answered quickly

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