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Greetings from Janet, Alex and Sam!


our dog Sam

Sam is our beautiful nine-year-old Siberian Husky and Australian Cattle Dog cross. Her most fiercely defended possessions are her big beef bone, her blanket and Janet. She likes to chase squirrels, to disobey Janet's Mom, to play and sleep in the snow, to eat home-made dog treats, and to chew on her bone so that its edge is painfully sharp for humans to step on. When (if?) she grows up, Sam hopes to become Janet's sled dog.



Alex is a crazy 30-year-old Aussie. He lives with his wife Janet in Ottawa, Canada, where he works as a survey methodologist at Statistics Canada. He graduated from Okanagan University College with a B.Sc. (mathematics major) in 2001. During the summer of 2000, Alex worked on ROI models for scheduling computerization as a research assistant for Ed Butz. Alex is a Master of the Chess Federation of Canada as well as a FIDE Master. Among his many Canadian tournaments are the 1999 British Columbia Closed Championship (=2nd), the 2001 British Columbia Closed Championship (5th), and the 2005 Ontario Closed Championship (=3rd).

Chess links

ChessBase News is the Internet's top site for chess news.

The Chess Cafe has monthly columns by renowned chess journalists.

Have a look at Alex's best games, some of which were played at the Free Internet Chess Server.

See what happened in the chess lesson auction at Alex's chess coaching site


Janet is a 30-year-old biology graduate from Okanagan University College. She formerly worked at the Kelowna SPCA but is now employed at the Ottawa Humane Society. Janet loves snow, except on the roads! She also likes playing with Sam, Tasha and Alex. Some of her other favorite organisms (apologies if you are omitted) are worms (especially planaria), wallabies, and cetaceans.

Janet's recommended pages

Visit the web site of your country's World Wildlife Fund organization.

Chemfinder is great for finding chemical properties of particular chemical compounds.

Aunt Annie's Crafts is an interesting craft site.

The Wikipedia Rosie O'Donnell page may interest fans of the zany TV personality "Rosie O".



Tasha is a one-year-old White Shepherd who we fostered temporarily while she became house-trained, recovered from being spayed, and overcame her extreme timidity. She was adopted after she returned to the Kelowna SPCA animal shelter, where you can adopt all kinds of animals (except for the humans - they work there), and even put your name on a list to be notified when your favorite species or breed arrives.

Contact: janda at direct dot ca