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Klingon Resistance Movement

Klingon Resistance Movement

The GeoCities Anti-Viacom Site

My Notes About This

First of all, this site is sponsored totally by me, and reflects my views about this issue. If you haven't been locked in some Cardassian prison camp and been doing hard labor the past 15 years or so, you should already know about the site shutdowns. This site has not gotten "The Letter" yet (Qu'vatlh! Where is that link when I need it?!), for this site is not a high traffic site yet, but it could be.

The first one, from Star Trek: WWW, is quite important, for not only is it an anti-Viacom site, it also is one that promotes the opening of Star Trek: Continuum. By opening, I mean that it allows more people to access it. Currently, the requirements are to use Windows 95, and Internet Explorer. Us Netscape users are ROL, as well as those of us who use Windows 3.1, or the Macintosh. Another little picky thing is that you're paying for MSN, *another* ISP that you probably do not need (while MSN is hardly a "ISP," unless you're using MSN right now, it is what you're going to use it for). BTW: I have one of the "new" MSN CD-ROMs with me, and the minimum requirements are a Windows 95 machine (Internet Explorer is installed automatically).

The second one is obvious, and I fully support it. BTW, I have some great Klingon links.

The third, well, is hard to support as I'm not a member of GeoCities anymore. You may read about what happened from my POV right here.

Remember, closing down fan sites to promote one that makes the company is LEGAL, but closing down sites that give free access and nothing more (I don't get a cent for this site [for those with pay-per-hit servers... you pay everytime your site is accessed above a certain limit] is a form of INTERNET CENSORSHIP!!!!