Quick Reference For mIRC Programmers

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Common commands when scripting, by section.

Programming Things

{ = Begin
} = End

IF (boolean) { commands }
ELSE { commands } or ELSEIF (boolean) { commands }

Use parentheses,"(" and ")" to control evaluation of boolean. Unparenthensized booleans may be evaluated to unpredictably.

If a boolean or anything else does not evaluate correctly, $null is returned.


Syntax: /aliasedcommand { alias code }

/RETURN - returns the data from a "function" call, so you can define your own $functions in this manner. Just return all your data by calling RETURN <data>.

Commands (Remote)

Syntax: <userlevel>:<ctcp command>:<commands for that CTCP>

CTCP command can be a variable, so a trigger may be specified beforehand.

Users (Remote)

Syntax: <userlevel>[,more userlevels]:<mask>

Variables (Remote)

Syntax: <%variable name> <variable value>

$null is returned on variables with no values.

Events (remote)

Syntax: <userlevel>:<Event>:<channel/msg/DCC/etc>:<commands>

<Channel/msg/DCC/etc> codes:





Other Little things:

To say something to a DCC CHAT, do a /msg =<nick>
If mIRC can't evaluate something, assign it to a variable
+ - * some mathematical operations

All for now.