Quick Refernce for mIRC Users

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There is little, if any, commands for mIRC that differ.


/DCC <CHAT | SEND> <nick> (filename) - Establishes a DCC connection.  Replaces /CTCP <nick> DCC <CHAT | SEND> (filename).

Color and all that Jazz

mIRC 4.7 introduced some very annoying features, like color, bold, reverse, and underline attributes

To do BOLD, hit CTRL-B to start bolding, CTRL-B to end bolding (end of bold happens at the end of your chat line, so you do not need another CTRL-B if you're bolding something to the end of the line).

To do Underline, hit CTRL-U to start underlining, and CTRL-U to end underline. Ditto for end of lines.

To do REVERSE, hit CTRL-R to start reverse text, and CTRL-R again to end reverse.

To do COLOR in mIRC, hit CTRL-K, and enter in a color code (1 to 15). To do color with background color, hit CTRL-K, and specify TWO color codes, one for the foreground, the other for the background, separated by a comma. hit CTRL-K to end a color block. Note that REVERSE video text does not show color.
Again, it's <CTRL-K>(1..15) text goes here <CTRL-K> for just colored text, and <CTRL-K>(1..15),(1..15) text goes here <CTRL-K> for colored text on colored backgrounds. Now, the color codes are as follows:

1=Black 2=Navy Blue 3=Dark Green 4=Bright Red 5=Brown 6=Magenta 7=Orange 8=Yellow 9=Bright Green 10=Bluish-Green 11=Cyan 12=Blue 13=Hot Pink 14=Dark Grey 15=Light Gray 0,16=White

And that's about it for mIRC.