Quick User's Reference For Ircle

For a printable edition, click here.

Ircle varies from the normal commands in the following manners:


To do a CTCP PING, you cannot just type /CTCP <nick> PING, you have to type /CPING <nick>
To do DCCs, have your DCC window open, and select the nick from the userlist, then click on the DCC window, then click on the CHAT button to chat, or SEND to send a file.


The Macintosh IRC clients sometimes supports FACES (CTCP FACE <GET | PUT | LIST>), which are simply icons that represent the other person. These icons can change to reflect current mood, etc. Not too much documentation about faces, and the fact that they're Mac only limits their use.


An untested feature by me that supposedly brings up a mini-video conferencing thing with Ircle. Incompatible with Pirch's VIDEOSTREAM mode. (CTCP VIDEOSTREAM).


Ircle can do colors too, but to a more limited extent, ie. just colored text, color codes from 1 to 9 only, no backgrounds. To do color in Ircle, just hit CTRL-C, and a number. The number and subsequent text will appear in that color in the text entry box. Bold, Reverse, and Underline can be accomplised from the usual clicking in the text box or pressing CTRL-B, CTRL-R, CTRL-U respectively.

Remember that Ircle's text box is literally, WYSIWYG (if the other clients support it).

mIRC colors do not appear too greatly under Ircle, so watch out for wierdly colored text and text with numbers in it. However, the bold, underline, and reverse work under Ircle.


Not too much here, but simple aliases can be written in AppleScript and placed in the Scripts folder (little documentation on how to write scripts like this... so study those scripts given!).

And that's all for now!