Quick Reference Guide to IRC For Advanced Users

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There are not too many commands that an Channel Operator has, so instead of a table, a simple list form is used.

/MODE #channel <channel modes> (channel mode parameters)

Each MODE command is switchable with + and -, prefixed in front of the string of mode toggles.

The MODEs of the channel:
(You may alter each + with a -, in which the following mode does not apply)

+O <nick> Gives someone on the channel ChanOp status
-O <nick> Takes away ChanOp status
+M Moderates a channel, ie. prevents all from speaking except those with +O (they have an @ in front of their nicks usually) and +V (have a + in front)
+S Makes a channel secret
+P Makes a channel private (+S and +P can never be together, its either one or the other). The diff?
+K <key> Makes certain that everyone who wants to join the channel has to know the key, or password of the channel.
+T Only allows ChanOps to change the topic
+N Only allows people in the channel to say things in the channel (ie. no one can /MSG a channel that has +N, if they are not in the channel)
+I Makes the channel Invite-Only, so users must be /INVITEd to the channel before they can join
+L Limit the number of people in a channel
+B <Mask> Ban everyone matching Mask from the channel.

/INVITE - Invite people to a channel

/TOPIC - Changes the channel topic (just a string that is supposed to say what is currently going on)