Miscellaneous Info

Why I'm Called Worf

"Worf," my nickname IRL (In Real Life) and on IRC, happened because of my interests in Klingons. Yes, I do know how to speak some tlhIngan-Hol (Klingon Language), am a member of the Klingon Language Institute, and so forth... My friends, most not too knowledgable about Star Trek and Klingons, just call me "Worf" and that nick has stuck.

For those who remember me as Mariner on IRC, I changed back to eliminate the problems of trying to recognize numerous nicknames (I did get somewhat good at it...).

Interesting point: I refuse to join most sim orgs because a) I do not wish to come up with another name, and b) no way I'm gonna force myself to recognize yet another way of calling me.

Those who are somewhat angry at me, or want to rouse up some anger in me have called me "Klingon!" before, and yes, I do prefer people calling me "Worf" than "Klingon." In side conversations, "The Klingon" also shows up.

My Mask on IRC

Here's the story, for those who are interested, and those who do not see me will not get this. It involves two other people I know from IRC, who I shall call "Ensign" and "Zad" for now. I've known Ensign for a while now, say, little under a year or so, way back when I started doing IRC. Everytime he came in, he came on with the mask of (*!*GWang@*) [now you think you know who you are?], which I thought little or nothing of.

Then some time along, Zad came along and discovered Ensign and that mask. He thought that Ensign was really Garrett Wang [you know who you are...], and was /MSGing me all about it. Thing was, I was simultaneously trying to hold conversations with Ensign and Zad together, and in private /MSG windows, things got interesting. I believe I have logs of this incident...

Then there was a time, a bit more recent, say, past 6-8 months or so, where we had "shouting parties" that lasted for about 5-10 minutes. (The shouting parties have long since stopped...). We'd shout things like the following;

..... <etc etc...>

This got on quite regularly, so I decided that I would change my mask from *!*Mariner@* to what it is now (with apologies to the real living people who have that name).

I have not bothered changing it back because back then, it was the time where I was losing my "beginner on IRC" status and started to gather some real power (ie. OPs... the @). Of course, when this was happening, people were remembering my current mask. My current mask is now in a few bots, and easily recognized, so I have not bothered trying to change my mask.

Yes, I do get that question, if you're curious, and I've long stopped counting.


Some things on this page some people may find offensive. If you want to note, I have not intentionally used any of the above used names/trademarks/copyrights in any way to acquire any sort of profit. I have not capitalized on other people, and will continue to dissociate me from the other people. Use may have been intentional, but it was not for any profit motive, nor was I expected to gain from this. I have not recieved a penny from anyone because of what was explained, nor have I gathered anything materially. What I claim to be on IRC is totally independent of who I claim to be IRL (excluding the Worf part... it's my IRL nick too), and I have not used that to attempt to gain any special services or products or any sort of benefit. In other words, I have not used what I said to gain profit, nor have I recieved any money from their use. I do not represent them. Finally, this disclaimer is for those lawyers thinking that they can get something from me because I "impersonated" someone (I have not, so enough questioning, and there is no way that I'm using their names to benefit me).  If people call me by that name IRL, I point out that that is not my name, and never will be. If they want to call me something, I point out that I respond to my real name, as well as Worf and Klingon. 'Nuff said. I'm only guilty for using those particular ASCII code sequences. I have not claimed to be them on IRC to the best of my extent, unless I was forced into the sityation, in which I quickly explain matters to clarify things.