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The Klingons on the Internet

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Klingons have chosen ICQ as the preferred method of communication between its members (besides subspace). ICQ empowers members with a means to chat whenever they like and enables them to share ideas, discuss similar interests or anything else. We encourage all members to get ICQ and provide us with their ICQ numbers.. We will list the ICQ numbers of all members below, allowing quick contact with members for anyone who may visit this page.


This list is *NOT* to be used to distribute ICQ spam, aka chain messages. While you add these people to the ICQ list, take note of what ICQ spam gets forwarded. ICQ is *NOT* a rumor mill, and persistent forwarding of such useless messages will result in an ICQ IGNORE list, as well as removal from this list. I and several others are fed up of these messages.

If you have a complaint about anyone on this list, please email me. Users will get warned, and/or deleted. Things have gotten this bad that I have to implement such a policy.

Email (Netscape/IE4)
Email (any browser, subject "List complaint" pls.) Note: any "Please forward" spam is dealt with this policy: all spam is forwarded back to the person who sent it, and only they are getting it.

Oh, BTW, seems age and battles affect my memory, so if you do not see your submission within a week of submitting (and you submitted via ICQ - unless email submissions contain the ICQ number, I cannot add to the list, so this may be a reason), please do remind me. Also, it might be helpful to add me to your list (ICQ # 683024), and a message explaining such.
ICQ List Name: Klingons on the Internet
Description / Purpose: All Klingons on the Internet should report here - a listing of all the members of the Empire
Searchable Keywords: Klingons, ICQ, Internet, Worf, Star Trek
Relevant Categories: Science Fiction, Star Trek, Cultures and Languages
ICQ ListMaster: Worf
Organization / Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Location: Deep Space 9
Number Of Users: 28 (reflects members who aren't "removed")
List Created On: 22/07/97 Hovjaj 97557.02
Last Updated On: 01/10/99 Hovjaj 99028.77

Geez. Who'd knew that I wouldn't have time to update the list?! Well, it's updated according to what I could find in my email box. As always, email me if I've missed you.
Wow, it has nearly been a year that this list is up! And when it first went up, it was one of the first! Right now, I have nothing planned for the anniversary of this list, but feel free to submit your ideas to me.
To be added to this List: [EMAIL]
or [PAGE] the ListMaster

Please note: I am NOT taking any more ICQ requests, for they now just get tossed into the bit bucket with all the other spam messages (I have over 200 people on my personal list, and I do get a fair bit of spam, and your requests will most likely be tossed the same). Send me the requests via EMAIL. As for the people who have requested to be put on the list but have NOT appeared on this list, email me immediately.

Note: This list is not sponsored by *ANY* Klingon organization. The members of this list may be part of ANY org (KAG, KAG K, KLAW, etc). I am not a member of any org, and will accept membership to any org providing that I do NOT have to alter this list in any way. This list if for Klingons, by Klingons, regardless of house - this is a meeting place.
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Remarks Language
Worf, Son of Mogh Worf 683024 List Master English/tlhIngan
Alex Houston Uther the Magestic 1506702 - English
Jenna Lankal XXXXXXX Removed
Willie Ryman Quothok 2219598 - English/tlhIngan
Steven Smith Kar'Vek 1296252 - English
elren elren 2261781 - English/tlhIngan
K'Vor K'Vor 2298654 - English/tlhIngan
Peter Micheal Preble Peter 1963781 - English
Michael Bakhos Garth 1708125 - Eng/tlhIngan/French
Jim Hatcher Hatchuk 1544102 - English
Paul Dixon qeq HoD 1749781 - English
Koloth Koloth 1372593 - English
Ryan Fraser K'HosgHaj'LoH XXXXXXX Removed
Sarek Sarek 2651885 - English
Chris Halladay Warrior 2418860 - English
Carla Teter Karla 2695510 - English
David Feldon Feldon 2235039 - English
Justin Jenkins Nagus 2514602 - English
Monet Detrick Darshiva 3727898 - English
Jeremy Ramsey Jtrek 3750186 - English/German
Earl Jones Kolar 3956948 - English
HoD Msala HoD Msala 4067274 - English/tlhIngan
Lorri Akasha 906514 - English
[SVK] Pok [SVK] Pok 12610284 - English
Storm Commander Storm 1962552 - English
John Heron Conductor (Ke'Vinn) 9878228 - English
Kevin Burgess Qor'etlh valwI'na' 25681123 - English/German/tlh-H
David Dawut 5051098 - English/tlhIngan Hol
Danielle Bamesberger DGBear 17988905 - English
Paula Vincent klingon [sic] 12955723 - English
# - warning given, more #'s mean more warnings given
% - Re-added to list after being on ignore
*Number - approx number of mass msgs rcvd (warnings come from the email complaint)

To be added to this list - Page the ListMaster Search and Page other ICQ users To be added to this list - EmailExpress the ListMaster

How To Create An ICQ List For Your Group, Organization or Community View Other Users' Created Lists Communicate Online With Your Site Visitors - Install ICQ WebAlive

What is ICQ ?

  * ICQ is very user-friendly
  * ICQ continually tells you which of your friends & colleagues are online
  * ICQ gives you real-time chat with online friends and colleagues
  * ICQ allows you to quickly send messages back and forth
  * ICQ lets you easily send files to other people

ICQ is a revolutionary, user-friendly, Internet program that tells you who's online at all times. No longer will you search in vain for friends & associates on the Net. ICQ does the searching for you, alerting you when friends or colleague sign on. With ICQ, you can chat, send messages and files, play games or just hang out with your fellow 'netters while still surfing the net.

Download ICQ What Is It, Download ICQ Beta Time Limited Free.

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