duck collection
Okay, so I got a lot of work to do

But hey, they're ALL different!!!

And some of them Donalds are darned old.

Come On Over To The New Site!!!

Send me an email - tell to me get this site LOADED, I have over a hundred rubber ducks now ( maybe two hundred ) - but I haven't got the site finished yet, I keep getting more ducks taking more pictures and changing the site - maybe I should just post it as it is?
EMAIL the Duckstress

23Oct00 -- She's baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

it has been more than two years, but it looks this new home will be able to support posting the hole collection

not like the yuuch crappy place we were at before...

11Mar98 -- actually its always been my page... I just used his email address.

So, its been a year since I got to use the fancy Miro capture card and I've finally shot the whole collection... :)

Okay here goes:
Duck of the day

......or so -until I get it together

vote for your favorite ducks or just send duck mailclick

11Mar98 11Mar98

12Mar98 12Mar98 ...13Mar98 13Mar98

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