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Hi Spooky -- I really like your cool page. Isn't it grand to be able to compete with those tall boring creatures who only use 2 of their feet to walk. Some of them think that the net'means a fish net, or even worse a hair net. Spooky, you're a true cyber kitty. And gorgeous too. So tell me, is Snowball anybody's cyberbuddy? Just wondering. Sophie and Jonah would love to reply too but they say their feet are too big for the keyboard. They would love to have delicate paws such as yours. Well, must go and send a note to your human Helene. I think she's cool too and so lucky to have you for a friend. Let's talk again soon.

Your buddy

Spooky, I have black fur above and a white blaze underneath just like you do but I have taupe and white stripes mixed in with my black. This pattern is quite fancy, and in fact my official name is Thorndike, named for the psychologist who used mazes to study animals, because on my sides I have a spiral maze-like pattern. I think we should get married. However, you should know that I am unable to father children... er... um... kittens. Also, it is necessary for me to continue to live in Arkansas. I like to watch Mystery on television, and I am able to make hollow mournful meowing sounds which cause my human slaves to say "uh-oh, it's the Werewolves of Winslow!"


Dear Spooky,

Hi, How r u. I'm writing this from your new site. Wow! This is great! Now we can throw barn dances. But I think your Mom pulled a fast one. She named it Helen's Place intead of Spooky's!


Hi, Spooky, I like your homepage! I am dark above (with stripes like Thorndike) and I have a white blaze underneath also. Also I have a small brown splot on my nose which my human tells me looks very distinguished. Also she tells me that my fur is exceptionally soft. I like to sleep on my human and on the back of the couch. Do you ever have a problem with your human not listening to you when you want her attention and obediance? Let me tell you a secret that has helped me to make my human more responsive. I ask her twice to do what I would like for her to do, and if she does not do it, I run after her and grab her leg and nip it gently. This always gets her attention, and I have noticed that she seems to respond to my requests more quickly than she did in the past. It has been nice to talk to you, Spooky. Oh, BTW, do you know of any good mouse, bird or fish web pages?


Hey Spooky..

Love your new site... neat idea! Sorry I took so long logging on, but my human isn't too cyberswift... ya know what I mean!!! Anyway, your human Helen has a problem too. She thought that I was the one you'd tell your troubles to..Dear Abby! Can you beat that!! I suggest we get them both out of the picture.

Actually I'm very classy & cocky... er, cocker, that is. Do you know I'm the same size as you? I too, sport a gorgeous black coat, a white bib, & have huge brown paws (must admit though, it makes typing a drag). Most people think I'm wearing a tux... but I'm a girl dog. You'd love me, Spook, 'cause I love cats.

I have two cat cousins in Comox & even let them share my comfy! One more thing... here's a hot tip for you! I can manipulate humans by sitting right in front of them & giving them the old eyeball stare. They'll finally get up & give you their chair & maybe even a cookie to boot. Just don't bat an eyelash!

Let me know how goes it!

Abigail (my friends call me Abby)

Hi there, you laydie Spooky?

Mjauuuuuuu! Halloooooo!

(I'm forced to talk in the Norwegian cats' tongue. Our hunter education does not include foreign languages.)

Last night we had a jam session in our local blues band, "Remjekattane". At that event I caught a cold and my voice may sound a bit rusty. My housefather, Enok, just brought me som lukewarm milk and I feel a bit better. I'm fit for a dialogue with you, nice lady.


Hrrrrmmmmmmm. Wanna dance, Spooky? Look, the steps are like this:

ona...hrrr...twua hurrr.... threea burrr and then turn around and run lik an greased lightning....

Best regards,
Mons (strongest and most famous in Western Norway)

Hi Spooky!

Gee, Spooky, wanna have breakfast together? Did I ever tell ya I really think you're one hell of a tiger? And ooooo you're just so sexy when you purr like that, I could, I could...

Oh, I'm sorry, Spook. I know you've got a pretty powerful courtship going on with, um, what's his name? Patooee?

Oh ho hum. I guess it's all true what they say about me after all -- I'm just a dawg. :p

Well I still like ya, Spook, but I am what I am, so don't hound me for it. I guess we can just be friends, can't we? Isn't that still a pawsibility? Tell ya what. We don't want anyone barkin' up the wrong tree, so let's just say that you scratch my fleas and I'll scratch yours.

Deal? Deal.

BFN (bark for now)


SnowballDear Spooky,

Well, I never thought I'd say this! I thought I'd always be glad to have our human all to myself. But you know what, Spooky? I miss you! We used to have a lot of fun chasing each other up and down the stairs. Remember the time you couldn't walk for a week after one of our races? I try to get our human to chase me but it's not the same.

Love from your mother,

DISCLAIMER: Any resemblance between Spooky and Mouse (the CHEK-TV cat) is purely coincidental.