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The term "transgender" is an umbrella term, used to refer to individuals who dress and/or live in a gender different than the one they are supposed to adopt. The following groups of people are included in the category "transgender".


Cross-dressers wear the clothing and attire associated with the opposite sex. For example, men who are cross-dressers dress up as women. A cross-dresser chooses when and where they will present themselves in their chosen gender. Cross-dressers are considered to be primarily Heterosexual but can be Bisexual or Homosexual although most individuals involved in cross-dressing social groups maintain that cross-dressers are strictly heterosexuals.


Transvestites is the term commonly used to describe a Homosexual cross-dresser. Transvestites are gay and frequent gay bars and gay outings and dress when and where they wish as women and tend to be involved primarily in the street trade (prostitution).

Drag Queens;

Drag queens are men who dress as women, and who usually circulate within the gay male communities. They frequently perform shows at gay bars and often identify themselves as gay men. Like cross-dressers, drag queens only dress as women at certain times and in certain places. Most individuals who are drag queens tend to be primarily performers.


Transsexuals live in a gender other than the one assigned to them at birth. Some are considered transgenderists and take hormones to change their physical appearance. Hormones change the physical structure of the body, including secondary sex characteristics like facial hair, skin tone and voice pitch. Unlike a transgenderists who may take hormonal treatment and live as their opposite sex, they tend to not have sex reassignment surgery. While the true Transsexual will take the final step and have sex reassignment surgery.


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