High Risk Project Society is dedicated to improving the quality of life of TRANSGENDERED street-engaged people, with a special focus on HIV/AIDS issues. High Risk Project seeks to empower individuals through peer support and the provision of services to meet primary needs. We will advocate on behalf of the community to affect public and private policy, ensuring adequate access to health care, speaking on behalf of the most disadvantaged, promoting public awareness by education, sensitivity training and publishing, that the TRANSGENDERED, both individually and collectively, may assume their rightful place as respected members of society.

Where as TRANSGENDERED individuals routinely face discrimination, violence, ridicule, and other humans rights abuses; and
Where as the TRANSGENDERED population suffers from very high rates of infection with sexually transmitted disease, drug and alcohol dependency, sex trade involvement, unemployment and poverty; and
Where as the TRANSGENDERED are often marginalized and denied services:

High Risk Project therefore resolves:
1. To maintain a safe place drop-in for all the TRANSGENDERED street-active and the disadvantaged and addicted transsexuals and transvestites of Vancouver. The safe place shall be a refuge of peer support where members may socialize, network, receive guidance, referrals and counseling and develop life skills.
2. The services of High Risk Project shall be offered universally to TRANSGENDERED individuals. Any exclusion criteria shall have temporary effect, with the explicit aim of changing unacceptable behaviors.
3. Individual and community empowerment shall guide the direction of program development, subject to the policies of High Risk Project.
4. Collectivity will be emphasized by giving all members a say in the way the group is run.
5. High Risk Project will network, support, cooperate and liaise with all organizations actively serving the needs of the TRANSGENDERED population.
6. High Risk Project shall promote the development of a positive self-identity for the TRANSGENDERED individual and the community as a whole.

Membership Criteria

1. You are a self-identified TRANSGENDERED person as defined by High Risk Project Society.

2. You believe in and will familiarize yourself with the Mission Statement and philosophies of the Society. You will familiarize yourself with the Constitution, Bylaws and Policies and Procedures of the Society and will practice these principles to the best of your capabilities.

3. You respect and endeavor to promote respect for, all TRANSGENDERED individuals whether or not you agree with their lifestyles, as all should receive a fair chance to help themselves.

4. You agree to conduct yourself within the parameters established as acceptable by the membership, and understand that any infringement of these principles may result in disciplinary action deemed necessary, and that you may appeal these actions at the board level.
5. The membership committee must approve your application.

Membership Application

V6A 1P5
TEL: (604) 255-6143
FAX: (604) 255-0147
E-mail: hrp@Direct.CA

Membership Application

To: Membership Committee, High Risk Project Society

I, _____________________________________________________
(print full name)

of _____________________________________, _______________, B.C. __________
(full street address) (city) (postal code)

0 wish to become a Transgendered Member of High Risk Project Society.

0 wish to become an Associate Member of High Risk Project Society.

I have received a copy of the Membership Criteria and hereby state that I am eligible for membership in the category selected above.

I understand that there is no membership fee, and that each Transgendered member has one vote at meetings of High Risk Project.

I agree to abide by the policies of High Risk, and I support the aims and objectives of High Risk as stated in the Mission Statement and Philosophies.

Signed at ___________________ , this _____ day of _____________, 199___.

_______________________________ _______________________________
signature of applicant signature of witness

Donations We are a non profit organization, who help TRANSGENDERED individuals, who are street involved, IV drug users, and HIV+. There for we depend on financial and non monetary donations, from various government offices, corporations, and charity fund raisers. If you should wish to donate money, food, clothing or a fund raising event for the HIGH RISK PROJECT SOCIETY, contact us at your convienence, all help is appreciated.

Soon coming will be a list of past and present donators and contributors to the HIGH RISK PROJECT SOCIETY. Following this page in the near future.


HIGH RISK PROJECT SOCIETY 449EAST HASTINGS STREET, VANCOUVER B.C., V6A 1P5 tel;(604)255-6143 - fax;(604)255-0147 - email; hrp@direct.ca

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