Talking Circle (spiritual healing)

HIV / AIDS Discussion Group

PRE-Pre-Employment Program

Computers for Beginners Program

Daily Lunches and Food Bank

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Crafts and Outings

Advocacy & Support


Talking Circle

(spiritual healing circle)

Members gather on Wednesday afternoons at 1:30pm to 3:00pm to discuss how they feel and what has been going on in their lives. This is a aboriginal ceremony, where sweet grass is burnt to cleanse the soul and an eagle feather is passed around to each individual. Who ever has the eagle feather can talk about anything and can not be interrupted by anyone else unless asked; all discussions in circle are confidential and no member is to repeat what is said to anyone else.


PRE Pre-employment & Self-esteem Program

Friday 11:00am to 12:30pm - 4 people on a 8week communications skills program which will divided into 4 main components.

* 1.Presentation Skills - 2 weeks - make up & dressing help. We will acquire professionals in make up, hair and clothing to come in and help them with ideas on how to present themselves in public and to help them build confidence in themselves and their appearance. ( professionals will be volunteers only )
* 2.Oral Skills - 1 week - setting up role playing experiences on variety of topics to help them in anger management, verbal discussions and the proper channels of discussions to acquire goods and services in a working environment. How to answer a phone and intercom system in the work environment.
* 3.Writing Skills - 2 weeks - setting up letters and articles to be used in a letter campaign on TRANSGENDERED issues and HIV awareness programs. We will also learn how to create and update a resume. We will also show them how to take messages correctly as not to lose their meaning in the process and become misinterpreted.
* 4a.Computer Skills - 2 weeks - here we will teach them the basics in using Windows and a word processor to give them a beginning to start with in computer usage.
* 4b.Telephone Skills - Each individual will have a partial day answering the phones and taking messages for the HRP.

Computer Skills Program

Friday 02:00pm to 04:00pm - 2 people on a 4week computer skills program.

* 1. 2 weeks - will be a individual program to help introduce computers to people and how to make them work for them.

* 2. 2 weeks - we will also be going to the libraries to show them how to use the computers there and be able to access e-mail to send & receive messages.

Program for HIV/Aids Discussion Group

This will be an on going program and group with no designated end to program, all members participating will choose the topics of discussion in advance to each week, they will also be expected to follow rules and guidelines that they themselves will create.

From time to time we will have guest speakers on a variety of topics that involve legal, medical, social, educational, employment and entertainment fields and there relevancy to Transgendered Individuals and HIV/Aids involvement.


Daily Lunches & Food Bank

On a daily basis at 12:30 a nutritional lunch is prepared by members from food obtained by donations along with fresh meats and produce bought by donated money. The members sign up on a monthly sign up sheet for cooking lunches, and are given an incentive pay for preparing lunch and cleaning up afterwards. We also put out monthly food bags which are given out freely to members for attending the centres programs and meetings.


Massage Therapy

One day a month we have a volunteer massage therapist come in to give the members a free healing massage. The members sign up for this on the sign up board, and if they should miss this appointment or be late it is given to any other members in centre at the time. This can even lead them into losing their rights to future massages.


Crafts & Outings

Craft days are held every other Monday, and can consists of anything from quiltmaking, dream catchers, candle making, painting, sewing, belt making and so on. This is a time where one can sit back and learn a hobby along with socializing with others in a leisure surrounding. We also have outings such as days to the Aquarium, Museum, movies, and live theater productions all of which are free to members through community donations. We have even in the past had trips to dude ranches and mountain retreats for weekends. These trips tend to give the members a release from the their normal everyday existence and a chance to socialize with others.

Advocacy and Support

We here at the High Risk Project will protect and help our members in finding affordable housing, food, drug rehabilitation and help in legal matters. Our trained staff, have researched resources throughout the province and are continually keeping themselves updated on new treatments for those with medical needs, and those with legal needs. We believe that everyone deserves a chance for a better life in the lifestyles that our members have chosen and therefor will do anything in our power to help them to achieve acceptance and continuation of their goal.


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