The Land of Anti-Normalness: The Resumé
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E R I C   L E E
11x00 Seaxxxxx Xxxx.
Richmond, BC

Telephone: 274-xxxx, Facsimile/Messages: 274-xxxx
Present: Matthew McNair Secondary School
Richmond, BC
  • Projected Graduation Date: June, 1999
  • Awards and Achievements:
  • Maintained Honour Roll status, grades 11
  • Received Honour Roll Award
  • Junior High School: District Incentive Program
    Richmond, BC
    Awards and Achievements:
  • Maintained Honour Roll status, grades 8-10
  • Outstanding School Service Award, grade 10

    July, 1997-Present Richmond Youth Action Team
  • A member of the Youth Against Violence Team (in conjunction with the Richmond Public Library), specific duties include organizing the group as to offering suggestions regarding future activities.
  • February, 1996-Present Richmond Public Library - Teen Council
  • A member of the Teen Council, specific duties include updating and monitoring the "Teen Scene" portion of the library's website, as well as general direction of the Teen Council.
  • April 1995, 1997, and 1998 The Vancouver Sun Run
  • For the annual Sun Run race in Vancouver, I held a variety of positions, from acting as a gear-check aid to handing out water to race participants.

    June, 1998-Present The Richmond Public Library
  • By designing websites with other members, I learned and improved on, interpersonal, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration skills, in addition to further webpage design.
  • March, 1998-Present McDonald's Restaurants of Canada
  • In addition to working in the fast-paced backend of the workplace, I am in part responsible for employee documentation, the training of new crewmembers, and assistant to management. Furthermore, I have undergone performance reviews and intense training.
  • Awards and Achievements:
  • Ironwood location's first Crew Member of the Month
  • Promoted to Crew Chief, June, 1998
  • July 8, 1996-August 30, 1996 SCIENCE WORLD, British Columbia
  • Along with three other members, duties were to design and program Science World’s website for Industry Canada’s SchoolNet program.

  • Strong knowledge of PC-based computers and Operating Systems (DOS, Windows 3.1x, Windows '95, and Windows NT)
  • Strong knowledge of PC components, peripherals, and other related Information Systems information
  • Moderate knowledge of the Macintosh Platform (MacOS)
  • Strong knowledge of HTML 2.0 and 3.2 (including enhanced Netscape and Microsoft tags)
  • Moderate knowledge of productivity applications (Microsoft Office 97, ClarisWorks)
  • General knowledge of graphics packages (CorelDraw! versions 3, 5, and 8, Adobe Photoshop 4.0)

  • Experience with basic office equipment (fax machine, photocopier)
  • Capable of public speaking and performing addresses

  • Fluent in English; general comprehension of French and Cantonese

  • works efficiently with others or independently
  • able to adapt to new situations
  • intelligent
  • quick to learn
  • highly responsible
  • organized
  • punctual
  • mature
  • honest and reliable
  • energetic
  • precision-minded

  • building websites for organizations
  • troubleshooting computer-related problems
  • biking
  • rollerblading
  • hockey


    » Available upon request.