Logical Thinking
Logical Thinking

One day, two guys were going on vacation and one of the guys decided to buy a book to pass the time on the trip down there. So the one guy gets out the car and into the bookstore. He starts to look around, but he has no idea what he wants to read. The saleslady sees the man and asks him whether or not he needed some help. The man said, "I'm looking for a book."

"Well-" the saleslady replied, "I suggest read this book on logical thinking."

"Logical thinking? What's that?" the guy asked.

"Let me give you an example..." the saleslady replied. "Let's see, do you have an aquarium?"

"Why yes, I do."

"Well then, since you have an aquarium, you must have fish in the aquarium."

"Yes, that's right."

"Well since you have fish, you must like animals, isn't that right?"

"Why definitely!"

"Since you love animals, you must enjoy nature quite a bit, don't you?"

"Yes, that's true!"

"Since you love nature, you must love hiking out in the nature."

"Yeah! I do!"

"Since you love taking hikes, you must really love taking hikes with a friend."

"Oh yes, very much so."

"Since you love taking hikes with friends, you must love taking a female friend with you on your hikes."

"Yes, that's very true!"

"Therefore, you must be a heterosexual, isn't that true?"

"Why yes, that's right!"

"Well, from the aquarium, I was able to deduce that you were heterosexual. That's logical thinking!"

The guy thought, this is great! "I'll take the book!" without hesitation. He bought the book on the spot. He returned to the car and his friend asked about the new book he bought.

The guy replied, "It's a book on Logical Thinking."

His friend asked, "Logical Thinking? What's that?"

"Let me give you an example... do you have an aquarium?"

"No, I don't." his friend replied.

"Since you don't have an aquarium, then you're a homo."

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