Aluminum Spinners

There is nothing better that complements the business end of airplane than a spinner
They instill that fast, sleek sexy look ,even for a Lazair

this was my Lazair when it was equiped with fiberglass units

Original fiberglass Lazair spinners

The above spinners have been in use for many years without problems, unfortunately one of them failed earlier this year,entirely my fault though, after disassembly several times, I neglected to replace the locktite on the retaining screws that secure it to the backing plate, eventually one of the screws worked its way loose. noticing it missing one day, I thought that since it was the middle of three screws that it should be OK for while and would replace it when I got around to it ,well being the king of procrastination,  it did not happen. Soon after, I was doing a low and over at one of the ultralight fields and powered up to go back up and around ,there was this loud BOOM ! My nice yellow fiberglass spinner disintegrated at 6000rpm ,most of the remains after being accelerated and ejected by the prop slammed into the side of the recently installed pod.
Even with one prop damaged the engine ran fine ,no noticable vibration so I decided to limp back to home field.

The Lazair just did'nt seem to be the same with out them and after flying around for a several months with my ugly prop bolts exposed I decided to hunt down another set or find another yellow one to match. No luck ,even posting on the title page of Lazairforce yeilded no results.

So the decision was made to have a bunch professionally manufactured from aluminum, seeing the Lazair is mostly aluminum it would make it look like a knock out with a polished set on the noses. I installed the first set on the redrive units

at the same time a friend installed his with the stock carbon props

A pair of silver bullets

The spinner backing plates that come from the manufacture are a little wider than the originals
hence the long appearance, using the original backing plates will give you a spinner with approx same demension as original...Yes your old backing plates can be used you will just have to trim the spinner shorter

Bullet Nose Spinner kit

These are basic kits, extra material is provided on spinner dome to trim for custom fit, backing plates are a little wider making the spinner suit better for custom props (prince P's) or other conventional wood
The spinner looks a little out of proportion when using original carbon bi-props (with supplied backing plates)but still looks good .If you do have a set of original Lazair backing plates the spinners dimensions will finish out fairly close to the original spinners(top picture)

A word on Lazair backing plate problems of the past

NOTE: These kits are designed for the experimenter and homebuilder, you will be required to drill out hub bolt pattern, do the prop cutouts, trim,  mount and balance dome.
 special attention will be needed to properly do the above. If you are not accustom to working with close tolerances it is not reccomended that you do it yourself , when ever you are dealing with rotating parts, proper balance and installation cannot be over emphasized.

Spinner and backing plate (ea)

$40.00 CAN

$30.00 US

Spinner Dome only

$30.00 CAN

$25.00 US

Shipping charges extra