Crankshaft Shims

   I do not usually have any concern  with these little doohickies when rebuilding ,I just clean up the crank and stick it back in the way it was and never had a problem, except the day I thought I try to be effecient when I did both engines at once and then I heard the dreaded oh oh in the back of my head when I forgot what pile of shimes went with which crank. unfortunately the piles added up differently so it was imperitive to find out what pile went on the appropriate crank,

 Finding out was kind of intimitating, I hate finiky measuring I mean were talking a few thou, so you have to have some half decent tools and a lil patience,way too much than I got. Well after pulling most of my hair out , ranting and raving about how %^&$ing stupid Iam ,then contemplating suicide, I decided to chill and do what had to be done,
oh oh, 5 shims 2 cranks

Well its really quite simple measure bottom of bearing recess to the mating surfaces on both crank halves, subtract 2 bearing widths and the straight edge used for a centering referance bridge( 1/2 cold rolled sqaure stock in photo)

Also measure crankshaft plus collar , Now subtract that from the case measurement and vaul la put the right combination of shims to provide a end play between .001-.009, quite generous I thought.

There, back where those little rascals belong