Super Lazair

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This Aircraft is an excellent example of fine workmanship and innovative customization, It was built by its owner, way back in 1983, Thats18 years ago,and this aircraft looks like it was built last week, It just goes to show that with good construction and regular maintenance these ships could last indefinitely.The tedlar covering is the original,It's still in great shape.

Check out the extended fusalage, this baby's got leg room.

A powerful strobe mounted on the tail boom is powered by the engines lighting coil and is energized upon startup.

Under the seat is a spring loaded parachute.

She mounts on the floats, wheels and all ,very convenient if you have to put it down in a field far from home, just dis-mount,and take-off again. 

The disks you see on the wing struts are to prevent mice from getting access to the wings during storage.

The owner of this bird had to build his own  re-drive since they are not available commercially, Special things to note are:  the cover plate that surrounds the small pully, it is designed to retain the pully in case of crank failure preventing it from coming free and falling into the propeller.

Extra rubber mounts to handle the increased vibration amplitude and thrust.

Out of the roost and time for the monthly winter run up.

Custom built hanger in background.


These custom spoilers are a work of art, the mechanism is very strong and smooth, great for controlling glide slope into short restricted fields.

Spoiler deployment lever,
The flight deck
Now these rudder peddles are insane, check out all the many complex pieces, remindes me of a swiss watch,  this is a sign of the overall meticulous construction that went into this bird, and/or effort that borders on the pathological , they probably took longer to design and built than the whole plane, but what operation, its like flying a lear jet.
These chrome steel sleeves were fitted over the aluminum push/pull rods at all guide stations. At the time of construction there was a fear of premature wear of the rods 
Double ruddervator horns for redundancy and reliability.
This was going to really complete the project, Don't worry, he did'nt,but even if the builder had installed this it would probably fit and look good too!!