Solo 210 Engine

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  Recently I was very lucky to aquire 2 solo 210 engines mounted on Lazair nacelles,These power units had not been used for at least 12 years but had been stored well in a heated basement.They had a bit of an unlucky history, the last time they had flown the plane struck powerlines and crashed, fortunately it had impacted onto soft ground and the pilot walked away, but the aircraft was totalled , propellers broken.
  Normally when this type of trauma is imposed on an engine, it is important to check the runout on the crank, cause of the high forces transfered onto the crankshaft from an abrupt stop.Everything seemed to be ok except for a few minor bent pieces,

 History and present of the 210

  The Solo 210 engine has been around for just about as long as the Rotax 185, It has been used on everything from a chemical spayers, portable blowers, and recently as competition to the 185 powered wajax fire pump,a unit made by a Canadian company, Mercedies.
  The Solo 210 is the most popular engine today in the manufacture of  powered paragliding backpacks,I have even seen 2 ganged-up on one propeller on a commercially produced powered parachute.                                                                                               .

    Some of the Solo 210's attributes are its noticeably light weight over the 185, it has a nikasil coated cylinder instead of steel lined, this is supposed to affert seizures, a relatively common trait of 2 strokes, caused by the dissymetry of expansion coefficents of the different metals, (I have heard of many and seen a  few 2 stroke seizures but have never heard or experiened this type of failure with the Rotax 185).The Solo puts out 14 hp, more with a tuned exhaust.There is now a beefed up version , manufactured by Hirth called the f-36 and comes with re-drive systems that increase its efficiency . anyway I have not flown with mine yet but am looking forward to it once I get some new props.