A Lazair Poem

If You Have Flown

There are no words that can express
The magic of that wilderness
That wilderneess away up high
where banks of clouds float softly by
and hide the problems of the earth below
But then,you know-
if you have flown

If you have flown, then you know
the beauty of the world below-
the meadows green, the waters saphire blue
You've felt that it belonged alone to you.
And as your ship obeyed your slightest will
you've felt the thrill-
If you have flown

To those who sail the sky above
comes peace of mind and understanding love.
There is no bitterness in the sky
as the earth and cloulds drift by.
All is beautiful, and fair.
You know exactly what I mean
If you have flown a Lazair

Author unknown