Fuel for thought

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A recent discovery at a local Canadian tire store: intank check valves,small inline fuel filters, fuel line and NGK sparkplug connectors, all the stuff that originally came with my
also in this new section in Can. Tire, I found limited rebuilt kits for the tilliston carb.

Note : These are seasonal Items, and may not be found the following year

This is whats left of supposedly gas safe urethane fuel line, after less than 1 year of service
its full of cracks and fissures,that was a waste of money 

I replaced it with the stuff you see above,it appears ,through feel and smell to be pvc, it is very soft and supple, when first installed the engine would smoke alot for the first few minutes after sitting for a few days ,Iam suspecting that the gas is leaching out the plactiziers
and this tubing will soon grow brittle and fail.

This product works really well ,these check valves are also available at Canadian tire they are used in emission control systems, they are gas safe and very reliable .
They are better than the brass ones pictured above.which suffer from leak back over time.

Cut back the tube to 1cm on the pale plastic side for increased flow.

Update:  after 2 years these units are still functioning well

Update: This is the product that is fit for the job Tygon F4040 d, the 3/16 version was originally on my plane and was still pliable,I replaced it only because it had numorous splices in it and also felt 3/16 too small for the length. The only reason I did not replace it with the same was because here in the village of Canada it is usually wiser to try to adapt locally available materials before you submit to ordering from the US ,I paid dearly for this measily 50' from Aircraft Spruce Co ,After converting our worthless Canadian funny money to greenbacks and then getting reamed by import taxes and duties it costed  over $130 

This little addition makes refueling super easy, it made from 3/4 pvc pipe and zap strapped
in place, use a slip on pipe cap on the end
This ones painted silver to protect it from uv
The lower fitting is a 90 heated to make the custom angle.