260 mile Lazair Flight
Over the rugged South Coast of British Columbia

   British Columbia's  is best known by its rugged, remote and wild geography, for example around BC's largest metropolis, Vancouver ,you do not have to fly very long, even in a Lazair to find yourself in some of the most inhospitable vacant country in the world, places that take an half hour's flight could literally take days to walk out of. None is more wilder than the WestCoast with its deep inlet waters to its high mountain vistas and of course,ever changing and unpredictable  weather.

Mike Godwin's rebound back to Lazair hood started early this year with the purchase of IDOZ (he last flew Lazairs back in the early eighties) , a Lazair series 3 that was in good shape but was suffering cosmetically from the rigors of many neglected years. Mike works up in Port Hardy over the summer months flying the venerable Grumman Goose Flying Boat for Pacific Coastal Airways. They services many of the remote coastal communities .during his spare time he took the aircraft apart, cleaned, painted and restored the airframe back to pristine condition. Fortunately the Tedlar covering was in pretty good shape, saving a lot of time and energy

 Mike decided to fly her home at the end of the summer, a considerable distance for a Lazair ,not to mention over some (ugly) but very pretty terrain and ocean.
Just a side note, last year Mike flew one of Pacific Coastals Shorts 360, a twin turboprop commuter (with large ferry tanks) around the world. I guess you could say that qualifies for a good warm up.

 Its all a matter of timing, winds over the inland oceans of BC are usually strong ,they can work for you and especally in a slow flying aircraft can definatly work agaist you, imagine flying 40 in a 30 headwind ,well you get the picture, Mikes departure could not have been better timed, that day winds picked up to 20knots from the Northwest making a usual predicted flight time of 7.7 hrs to just down to just over 5.

Mikes arrival at ft Lang airstrip.Note jerry can sattle tanks


Route map (click to expand)

The Project

Parts and peices, cleaned, chromated then topcoated with epoxy paint



Finished at last


The Trip

Mike's replacement moves in while the seat is still warm

Departing Port Hardy early in the morning

Low lying fog lining the valley floor,theres a road down there somewhere

Starting to thin out..Whew!!

Leaving the valley to cross over The Strait of Georgia

This would be a great place for a forced landing

Looking Left, along the mountainous mainland

Looking Right ,Georgia Strait

Gravel pit ,Sechelt, located on the Sunshine Coast

Heading for the home stretch, Just below in the right hand lower corner is the town of Gibsons, Where the Television series The BeachCombers was shot.
Further on ,  Bowen Island , in the middle of Howe Sound.
Beyond is the City of Vancouver with its conjested air traffic zones.

Grouse Mountain Ski Resort

Just slightly beyond this hills,in the background our destination Fort Langley
Flight time 5.4 Hrs-260 mi and only one fuel stop.

If you have any questions or comments, Mike can be reached at