Lazair Floats Setup

If this little ship wasn't amazing enough, it's hard to believe that it also came with a float option. The concept, I believe came, even when the Lazair was powered by those puny little 6hp chainsaw engines and it was the motivation for the company to move to the 185's, hell that's only a 3 hp increase each, but that represents a whopping 50% increase in power, not to mention the corresponding reliability.
But in the real world, the performance with direct drive props is still pretty marginal, I found my flights limited in time and distance, due to the high power settings. That all changed when I lucked out and found some 185's with redrives. Not only was takeoff distance greatly reduced , but the much lower fuel consumption gave the Lazair range and access to higher elevation lakes that would be impossible to access with the direct drive props.

Lazairs could either be mounted on the floats with the wheels, making it a little easier to put the floats on and off, or like mine, were hard mounted.
This makes the center of gravity a little lower, and the seat, You'll get your butt wet when she's trying to climb the step, You should wear a survival suit anyway when operating on water even if your a good swimmer the water round these parts are damned cold.
Hard mounted this way ,a platform trailer is a necessity for launching.

First flights ,small props

The pictures are a little bigger here to help anyone considering mounting floats.
This is what has evolved , Redrive props, float storage compartments, backpack behind gas tank.


When mounting with the wheels on, aircraft is tied on with bungees

Front mount ,very simple

when mounting directly to the float structure it was found that the fuselage needed further attachment points to reduce flexing


If you don't have one of these onboard, you could be up the creek. 
The funny thing is ,this is where having safety of 2 engines is completely useless, you just go round and round in circles. 

I installed these aluminum storage compartments last year. They came really handy for overnight camping trips, holds up to 12 beer.



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