Lazair FAQ

Here are some reoccurring questions that keep popping up so if you have questions hopefully they can be answered here

#1 Why does the Lazair have 2 propellers, is it some sort of futuristic Nasa design.

  Economics.... thats all. The propeller was designed for use on the original Lazair that was equiped with the 6 hp pioneer chainsaw engine, so when it was decided to change to the more powerfull Rotax 185, they thought  what the hell are we going to do with all these umpteen props we ordered for the pioneer, well someone had the bright idea to put another prop on to absorb the extra power, and simply they lucked out and  was enough to do the job. It worked great ,no redesign effort, no capitol to manufacture a new prop and no dump fees to throw the original props perfect is that!

#2 Who's making the Lazair, where can I find a kit and how much.

Sorry Lazair no more, No kits, no plans, no parts, they ended the party last century, circa 1985. So if you want one, you will have to sculk arount airports and look at the classifieds. There are still plenty of them around.

# 3  are they easy/hard to fly
I don't know, is operating difficult for a surgeon,  does programming boggle the mind of a computer nerd, it all depends on your previous experience and training , if you have little training or flight experience you'll probably kill yourself.  if your an experienced and current sailplane or power pilot and keep in mind that you are flying a low powered aircraft and don't try to takeoff like an f16 being launched off the deck of a carrier, then you'll find it easy.

#4 Whats this clear stuff they are covered in

Original covered with Mylar a polyester product,  was replaced by the more durable Tedlar, a florine compound similar to teflon. Tedlar is very durable I know aircraft that were covered years ago and still look good, it can be difficult to get, but there are some sources if you look around.

#5  Are engine parts still available

Yes, the Rotax 185 is still very popular industrial engine ,most commonly found on the Wajax portable fire fighting pump

#6  Did they make a two seater.

Yes, matter a fact they did, the first picture I saw of one ,if you can believe it or not was 185 powered, what a slug that must of been, They did come out with bigger engines, The 2 seaters are a little harder to find