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  • Introduction: I'm an independent computer consultant doing contract programming and support for embedded systems and business applications.  I'm currently moving back to Vancouver, B.C. from Victoria, B.C. where I will be continuing a contract with Global Election Systems Inc. developing the firmware for the Accu-Vote ballot scanner.  Needless to say that moving while working full time is not leaving me much time to work on personal projects.  Hopefully that will change this summer.  Of course for those who've been following this, I just moved here last September so this is an ongoing saga...

    This site is concerned with my personal projects.  You may have seen my postings in the comp.arch.embedded and comp.realtime newsgroups (not for a while actually) where I've mentioned several times that I plan to post the source for the TCP/IP/PPP stack that I developed from public sources to run under uC/OS.  I've been working on pulling out the code from my client's proprietary embedded system, updating the headers, and writing the README release notes to help anyone that would want to read and use the code.  The first pass is done but it's very rough.  I appologize to those that have been waiting far too long for this.

    uC/OS Networking Email List

    I've created a mailing list for discussions relating to networking with uC/OS.  Please use that for discussions about the TCP/IP/PPP stack code posted here.  Only members of the list may post to the group.  This list is NOT moderated so all postings will be received by all members.  Should this list be abused with off topic postings, I may be forced to change it to a moderated list which will significantly delay the postings so let's keep this address away from spammers.

    You can browse the archive at .

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    TCP Links:

  • TCP/IP Illustrated author W. Richard Stevens' Home Page
  • Geof Cooper's TinyTCP source code (
  • PPP Links:

    uC/OS Links:

  • µC/OS and µC/OS-II, The Real-Time Kernel
  • Cygnus' uC/OS FTP site
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