Solar Shock Wave
"The effects on biological systems from the Solar Shock Wave produced by other planets as the solar wind hits the atmosphere and reflects back towards the Sun."
By Guy Cramer
Oct. 19, 1996

A planet passing on the other side of the Sun from the Earths perspective will cause changes in our bio systems. The answer to the cause may lay in the SOLAR SHOCK WAVE.

The following information comes from an article in the Geophysical Research Letters, Dec. 1990, by Craig T. Russell of the University of California, Los Angeles.

The Sun produces a continuous outpouring of electrically charged particles called the Solar Wind. As the Solar Wind Collides with the magnetic field of a planet, it creates a shock wave on the sunward side. This triggers the emission of radio waves that radiate back towards the sun. The widths of the arc shaped shock waves that spawn the radio signals from the planets vary widely depending on which planet the shock wave originated from, though the signals from all the planets are quite similar. This information comes from new analysis of spacecraft data more then 15 years old.

The size of the planet and the size of the electromagnetic field will determine the size of the shock wave produced. In the case of the Earth, the shock wave is about ten times the diameter of the planet. The shock wave from Mercury is 5 percent that of the Earth's, this is due to the weaker magnetic field of Mercury and the smaller size of the planet. Venus nearly the same diameter of the Earth, derives it's weak magnetic field from the collision of the solar wind with the upper atmosphere. The shock wave from Venus is only 10 percent as wide as the Earth's. (Only Mercury, Venus, and Earth are referred to in this report. We must assume that the outer planets with their much stronger electromagnetic fields and larger size spawn similar shock waves with possibly larger signals. g.c.)

Sunward - radiating radio waves spawned by these vastly different-sized shock waves share a number of common properties, the space physicists found. For instance all radiate at extremely low frequencies--about 1 to 3 cycles per second. They also leave the shock wave around each planet at approximately the same range of angles. And the amplitudes or strengths of the radio signals--which naturally decrease with distance--appear comparable when measured at about the same distance from their source.

The new analysis also appears to have answered a long-standing question about which type of solar wind particles trigger the radio waves: negatively charged electrons (negative ions) or positively charged particles such as protons (ionized hydrogen atoms).

Previous studies, including one by Russell himself, had suggested that the solar wind ions took a "left handed" spiral around the planetary magnetic field lines that captured them a sign that the ions were positively charged. But in the new report, Russell's team concluded that the spiraling only appeared left-handed owing to the spacecrafts' motion relative to the solar wind. By analyzing the spiral's direction with respect to the flowing solar wind, they have determined that it's actually right-handed, Russell says. This indicates the radio waves are really spawned by electrons (negatively charged ions), his team now reports.

The above information comes from: Geophysical Research Letters, Dec. 1990, by Craig T. Russell of the University of California, Los Angeles.

The question we must look at is how and why does this solar shock wave effect us?
By Guy Cramer

This ion ratio can also refer to electromagnetic pulses. These pulses per second or hertz also have a similar effect on the hormonal system.

Ions are the passive electromagnetic spectrum.

The pulsed electromagnetic (frequencies) are the active part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Our Brains pulse between 1 Hz (hertz or pulses per second) and 35 hertz. 1 Hz - 3 Hz (Delta Waves) represent deep sleep. 5 Hz - 7 Hz (Theta Waves) = Light sleep or tired. 8 Hz - 12 Hz (Alpha Waves) = alert. 14 Hz - 30 Hz (Beta Waves) = very busy. Around 10 Hz is considered the best for our well being when awake (alert yet calm). Our planet naturally pulses at approximately. 7.5 Hz., Our brains try to match other natural or artificial electromagnetic pulses if they are powerful enough.

Atmospheric negative ions tend to cause our brains to go into the Alpha Brain Wave mode = 8 Hz - 12 Hz. Most research shows Alpha Waves are the most beneficial for us when awake (calm yet alert).

The frequency of the solar shock waves is between 1 Hz - 3 Hz. and may be causing the brain to go into a semi subconscious mode (in other words, you don't get very stressed out under these conditions). This also explains why a planet passing behind the Sun can effect our atmosphere, and for the long duration's (which I could not explain before) due to the actual wave size in relation to the planet that is generating it.

Have you ever wondered why most people cannot recall memories from their childhood. An infants brain wave pattern will stay in the Delta Wave region (1 Hz - 3 Hz), This for a middle aged person is a deep sleep pattern or brain damage. We don't remember to much in this pattern which is why it is so hard to recall dreams which occur under this pattern unless someone wakes you in the middle of a dream and asks you what you were dreaming. By morning you may even forget what you told the person in the night. 1 Hz - 3 Hz is not a long term memory mode.

From an infant till the age of four the highest wave pattern achievable is in the Theta pattern (5Hz - 7 Hz). Again, not beneficial to long term memory. In a middle aged person Theta waves indicate light sleep or daydreaming. Appear more often in in adults who have highly emotional views or short tempers, aggressive adults. Momentary bursts of theta activity can occur in any adult facing a disagreeable or frustrating situation.

At age 10 - 11and up, Alpha Waves (8 Hz - 12 Hz) are triggered on a regular basis. Common from age four and up but mixed with Theta Waves 6 Hz. until at least 10 or 11 years old. Alpha waves in middle aged people represents resting with eyes closed. or tranquillity, well being (relaxed but wakeful). The average person slips in and out of Alpha from 5 - 30 times a minute. Gifted and creative people tend to spend more time than usual on alpha waves even though they may be engaged in intensive work or study work best when their minds are relaxed. - There is a clear correlation between presence of alpha waves and no anxiety. It is the difference between psyching yourself up for something or just letting it happen.

Beta Waves 14 Hz - 30 Hz indicate the brain is focused on a problem, or intense concentration. Beta waves are also associated with tension and anxiety. Heavy smokers generate large amounts of beta activity and very little alpha activity.

The Brain also tries to match artificial man made signals. Higher frequency (Above 12 Hz) trigger extra serotonin and melatonin production in the brain. Most electric appliances work off of 60 Hz or higher in North America and 50 Hz in Europe. Computer monitors operate at 20,000 Hz., Cellular Phones operate a 840 Million Hz., Microwave Ovens at 2.8 Billion Hz. Scary eh! The higher the frequency the more serotonin that's produced in the brain. Serotonin has recently been associated with cancer. (see Project AIR).

The Shock wave will reach us when we are in line with the sun and the planet. This means if the Earth and the planet are on the same side of the sun we will also get the shock wave.

Is it the Solar shock wave frequency or the negative ions associated with the shock wave that's affecting us or is it something else? The answer lies in researching this area further. Now that a possible cause and effect has been found science may look further into this field without ridicule.

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