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Advanced Research on Atmospheric Ions
by Guy Cramer

July 11, 1996

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Negative Ions,
Russia's Secret Sports Weapon,
Athletic Performance,
Physiology Effects,
The Stock Market Indexes,
Lunar and Solar Influences,
Diabetic Cycles,
Mathematical Algorithms.

Does The Atmospheric Ion Charge Affect Our Physiology?


1995 -----MAY------- ---------JUNE--------- ----JULY------
Figure 1 represents approximately two months of the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE) composite Index. The black line represents the (VSE) closing results of the day. The white line represents a Ion Ratio forecast for the same period.

To understand this research, it will be necessary to explain how we became aware of it. A series of discoveries have now led to the understanding of a complex system that actually turned out to be a simple system with universal influence.

The Beginning:

This research began in 1986 in the suburbs of Vancouver.

The main area of importance to this report is that of the air-ions (airborne charged particles ). First, let me explain what an Air-ion is and how numerous they are. Ions are small particles that take on an electrical charge. In nature we tend to find between a few hundred to a few thousand of these ions per cubic centimeter. The small particles that take on this charge are either negatively charged, positively charged or neutral. In a cubic centimeter of air out over a grass field, we find the ratio is almost balanced between negative ions and positive ions. In other words we are breathing quantities of electricity.

By the middle of 1992 I had amassed a huge understanding of Ions and how they affected and were affected by the environment. Environmental studies was the main area of our work at the time. I began looking for related areas of research and I found there were none. The field of Ion science is not very well funded or understood. A few newspaper articles had shown how negative ion generators (sold in stores as air purifiers) helped reduce sick days in office settings, reduce traffic accidents when used by long range truck drivers, alleviate stress, migraine headaches, asthma ... I wondered if you used these generators in sports whether It would have any effect on the players abilities. I was one of those people who couldn't figure out why a professional athlete could do so well one day and so poorly two days later. Could these generators effect the physiology of the player?

Russian Research:

The Book "The Ion Effect" by Fred Soyka, was full of information on the subject. I came across a few pages in the book which referred to a massive experiment in Russia soon after World War II.{1}The Russian ion scientists studied groups of athletes under laboratory conditions for one month. One group trained with negative ions in the air they were breathing, while another group trained under normal conditions. At the end of one month the results were staggering; The unaided control group had their reaction time shortened by 11 millisecond while the negative ion group was shortened by 22 milliseconds. The unaided control group Increased their balance by 53% - 132% while the negative ion group Increased 370% - 393%. The unaided control group increased their endurance to 7% -24% while the negative ion group increased their endurance 240%, ten times that of the unaided control group.

The author of this book concluded this may have been the system that improved the Eastern Block athletes so much as to dominate most sports and Olympic events up to the 1990's. If this system worked as their experiments had shown, they would still be using it.

Russia's Secret (Sports) Weapon:

I found a video tape from the 1989 CBC series 'Home Game' by Ken Dryden.{2} This particular tape dealt on hockey in Russia. Parts of this tape were filmed inside the Central Red Army practice rink in Moscow. 13 high powered negative ion generators in a row down the walls of the rink. These boxes looked like unassuming black boxes, but upon further video analysis we found these boxes to have the telltale emitting needle holes seen on older model ion generators. We also spotted a larger negative ion generator in their dressing room and two in the roof of their team bus. The crew did not go into the barracks of the players, but I would assume the Russians would have had them there also. These finding were later confirmed by a few former Central Red Army players now in the NHL.{3} A team Doctor for the New York Rangers told me, "The players that knew about them, were never told what the negative ion generators were for".

How did the Russian athletes use this system without the west knowing about it? First, the west did not venture into this scientific field, even when the western intelligence community indicated that the Russians may be heavily involved in ion studies. Second, the Russians found that you only had to train with these negative ion generators. It took one month for the athletes to come back down to normal levels without the negative ion generators. No equipment was ever seen by the west because they didn't have to bring it with the team.

I took this information to all 26 General Managers in the NHL and proposed a similar system for any team wanting to use it. Response to this was very limited. One General Manager showed some interest, Glen Sather of the Edmonton Oilers hockey club. He called me up to ask about further information and said he had known about some work done at the University of Alberta with Ions. Other teams said the numbers from the Russian experiment were unrealistic. I phoned Mr. Sather back a few times but he began to lose interest in the proposal. I hadn't revealed all my information yet.

Why Does Athletic Performance Fluxuate?:

When I read the Russian report I knew the figures may be accurate. At this point I remembered that our earlier environmental studies showed variable ion conditions from day to day. I thought that if an artificial imbalance could effect the reaction time of the hockey players, maybe the natural variations on the ion balance was also effecting the players reaction time. A few newspaper articles and a magazine article{4} also showed how fish were highly effected by positive ions when feeding. I knew that most west coast fishing trollers used something called a blackbox on the boat to create a positive milli-volt charge off the end of the fishing lines to attract the fish. Different fish were effected by slightly different micro voltages, but all fish were attracted to positive ions.

I began graphing of how many goals a hockey goal tender let in per game and plotted all the games to a graph with the Ion ratio. I found an 80% match with most goal tenders. With approximately 75% of the goal tenders allowing fewer goals on higher negative ion ratio in the atmosphere, while the other approx. 25% of the goal tenders allowed fewer goals on higher positive ion ratio.

These results coincided with research studies that showed that 75% of the general population was effected adversely under higher positive ion ratios in the atmosphere. While 25% didn't seem to show any effects under the same positive ion conditions. {5}

Fig 2.

1993----October------ -----November------ ---December----

1993---October------- -----November------ -------Dec.--

1993---October------- -----November------ --December---
Figure 2; The three graphs show three separate goal tenders goals allowed per game correlate with the Ion Ratio. The white line represents the ion balance, A reading of 0 represents high negative ion balance , while a reading of 6 represents a high positive ion balance. The black line represents the goals let in by that goal tender (Goals Allowed, 0-6 goals against).

I began intense research into hockey. With the speed of the game, changes in reaction time, balance and endurance, would be more noticeable than other sports. The graphs of two separate and unrelated events, Ion Ratios and a hockey goal tenders, goals against per game, tended to match each other. There was something here to warrant further research. We began to plot how many shots on goal individual hockey players were getting from game to game to the Ion Ratio. Game after game the results showed a correlation (see fig.3.). When the results didn't match, all the players and goal tenders seemed to be effected the same way in relation to each other. In other words the calendar was not 100% accurate.

fig. 3

1993---October---- ----November----- ---Dec.--
Figure 3; This graph of a player shows the correlation between the natural ion balance and his shots on goal per game. Note, That the white line is flipped upside down in the graph compared to figure 1. 6 now represents high negative ion ratio and 0 represents a high positive ion ratio. This player plays better on high negative days. As do the three goal tenders in fig 2.

Interest From Edmonton:

When Glen Sather began losing interest, I forecast one game for him the night before it was played. I described how the players would react during that game, by reviewing the performance we had seen in the previous 20+ games compared to the calendar. I knew the goal tenders we were forecasting had matched the calendar 100% from the start of the season (*note: most goal tenders at that time were showing 85% correlation). I forecast all the players for both teams. I phoned him the next day and asked how accurate the forecast was. He replied, "How soon can you come out to meet with me." I was on a plane that night to Edmonton. I met with trainers, doctors, and coaches the next day. They wanted to know what I was doing with the forecasting and how it worked. I wouldn't tell them. From my business perspective at that time, they only needed to know that it worked. Mr. Sather eventually purchased a few of our negative ion generators to try out in the dressing room and weight room. I warned him that he shouldn't expect very much. If only part of the complete system was needed to get the results the Russians were getting, the Russians would have only used a small part of the complete system. Other teams, I found out later, tried using negative ion generators in their dressing rooms, using store bought negative ion generators with little or no success. I warned all the teams not to try any of this proposed system on their own, as it is a delicate and complex system with water vapor, size of the room, sweat from players... effecting what happens to the negative ions from the generators. To our knowledge no team to date has done anymore with this system. We have not yet had a chance to use a full system. (How much money will it cost a team in contracts if all the players have twice the reaction time, three times the balance and ten times the endurance.) We never had the funding to pursue other sports but the same arguments are likely to occur (The increases are impossible and we couldn't afford what the players would demand if the increases are possible).


Physiology And The Ion Effect:

The answer to the physiology question was also found in "The Ion Effect".{6} The author, Fred Soyka, wrote this book because of physiological problems he began to experience after moving to Europe. He move to Geneva, an area that was known for the positive ion winds that blow through. The geographical layout of the mountains in the surrounding area cause this effect with the wind. In North America we have two known winds associated with high positive ion ratios. The Chinook wind in Calgary Alberta, and the Santa Ana wind in Los Angeles.{7} Many people, when experiencing this wind for the fist time tend to feel euphoric with lots of energy, especially younger people into their mid to late 20's (*note; The older you get the more likely you will be effected adversely by positive ions{8}). As the days of these winds continue the feeling of euphoria gives way to migraine headaches, exhaustion, apathy... {9}

Side effects from positive ions winds (such as the Chinook and the Santa Ana winds ) compiled by a Swiss meteorological report in 1974 are as follows:{10}

Physical side effects: Body pains, sick headaches, dizziness, twitching of the eyes, nausea, fatigue, faintness, disorders in saline (salt) budget with fluctuations in electrolytical metabolism (calcium and magnesium; critical for alcoholics), water accumulation, respiratory difficulties, allergies, asthma, heart and circulatory disorders (heart attacks approx. 50% higher) low blood pressure, slowing down in reaction time, more sensitivity to pain, inflammations, bleeding embolisms of the lungs, and thrombosis.

Psychological side effects: Emotional unbalance, irritation, vital disinclination, compulsion to meditate, exhaustion, apathy, disinclination or listlessness toward work (poor school achievement), insecurity, anxiety, depression (especially after age forty to fifty); rate of attempted suicide about 20% higher, larger number of admittance's to clinics in drug cases.

The brain under environmental stress from increased positive ions produces hormones and chemicals to deal with this stress. The two main hormones released are melotonin and serotonin. Serotonin is increased in the brain and body and fed into the blood stream. The increased serotonin triggers the release of adrenaline which allows the body to work through the stress. Adrenaline is not quickly renewed as are other chemicals in your body. If a body produces too much serotonin for long duration's, the adrenaline gets used up. The body then has no defense to this positive ion effect and the chemical system in the body is now unbalanced.{11}

Prozac, The Cure Is Also The Cause?:

A list of side effects from increasing the serotonin levels in your body for a long period of time are as follows:{12}

Anxiety, nervousness, tremors, sweating, dizziness, lightheadedness, dry mouth, upset or irritated stomach, appetite loss, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach gas, rash and itching.

Less common side effects include changes in sex drive, impotence, abnormal dreams, difficulty concentrating, acne, hair loss, dry skin, chest pains, allergy, runny nose, bronchitis, abnormal heart rhythms, bleeding, blood pressure changes, headaches, fainting when rising suddenly from a sitting position, bone pain, bursitis, twitching, breast pain, fibrocystic disease of the breast, cystitis, urinary pain, double vision, eye or ear pain, conjunctivitis, anemia, swelling, low blood sugar, and low thyroid activity.

In addition, many other side effects affecting virtually every body system have been reported. They are too numerous to mention.{13}

All side effects mentioned above are experienced from the pill Fluoxetine Hydrochloride (PROZAC is one such brand name for this drug, Zoloft, Paxil, Luvox and Serzone are a few others.{14}). Prozac is an antidepressant drug and works on increasing serotonin levels in the brain. It is the natural cortisone levels in the brain that are triggered by the serotonin. This added adrenaline gives the personality a boost. Long term studies on Prozac and other antidepressants that work on increasing serotonin are finding most patients on these drugs are worse off after treatment than before treatment. The Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) has never in their history had as many problems with a drug as they have had with these forms of antidepressants.{15} Ritalin, a drug for mild-depression and attention deficit syndrome, used more on children and teens, also exhibits similar side effects.{16}

In over 50 years of research, no adverse side effects have been found from negative ions.{17}

The side effects from Prozac are similar to the side effects from positive ions. That is because positive ions, increase serotonin levels in the body the same as prozac does. Increased serotonin has also recently been associated with many forms of cancer.{18}

It is interesting to note that electromagnetic waves from electrical appliances (computer monitors, electric blankets, cellular telephones, microwave ovens, transformer boxes, high voltage lines...) also trigger serotonin and melotonin in the brain and body{19}, but that's another story.

Why use serotonin (prozac) to cure depression? Initially (as with positive ions) the body aggressively releases adrenaline and cortisone to combat the serotonin that is triggered by the drug. This produces a euphoric state but later gives way to the exhaustion syndrome ( the bodies adrenaline glands lose their efficiency). As is experienced by people who live in areas of positive ion winds.{20}These antidepressant drugs are a short term solution only. They initially produce the results the Doctor and patient are both expecting. The side effects can be very dangerous as have been listed. There are safer solutions to depression. Again this is another story.

Correlating The Masses:

With this massive amount of information, I was able to briefly look for correlation's with these side effects and the general population to these Ion changes. Again we found a correlation in the news with violence, suicide, traffic accidents, bad tempers, heart attacks, strokes... on Higher positive ion ratio days . During the positive ion winds, if crimes are committed in certain parts of Italy and Switzerland, judges are often more lenient with punishments, While in the middle east some courts will accept a plea of mitigation if these winds are blowing during the time of the offense.{21}

I supplied a calendar to a friend in the R.C.M.P. (Royal Canadian Mounted Police). He went through the crime stats for their area and looked for correlation's with the calendar. He told me the calendar wasn't accurate enough for their purposes. I needed a more accurate version. The calendar at this time was limited to one day ( 24 hour ) blocks. I knew with our earlier environmental readings showing natural changes from minute to minute that we may be able to further reduce these blocks if we could find out what was causing it.

We have since figured out a way to utilize this for Police see:

The Stock Market And The Ion Effect:

It was the summer of 1995. I knew that this calendar was showing basic correlation's to many areas. I knew that ions were the probable explanation. I wondered with hundreds of thousands of people playing the stock market if the stock markets would also correlate. If 75% of the people were adversely effected by positive ions then that imbalance may show up in the markets. This is exactly what we see. On high positive ion ratio days the markets tend to go up. On high negative ion ratio days the markets tend to go down. I liken this to people who get depressed, go out shopping and buy. When they feel good they don't take the same financial risks and they sell. I have since started to utilize this Ion effect.

Update July 10,1996;
Mathamatical Cycles With The Markets Discovered:

A British physicist, Keith Still, of Warwick University in central England used a mathematical equation called an algorithm to accurately predict the movements of foreign exchange markets. These findings came about from his studies of crowd behavior at soccer stadiums and algorithm correlation. A friend urged him to try the algorithm on the currency markets. After going through five years of archive data he found it correctly predicted major changes about two-thirds of the time. His predictions could be made about a month in advance. "As a scientist, all I am saying is: This doesn't look like a coincidence," he told a London newspaper.{39}

1996 Atmospheric Ion Ratio Forecast
Note*; The following calendar information is not 100% accurate. There can be changes in a day from minute to minute. This calendar should be looked at as a general reference only. Beware of psychosomatic effects, the forecast can be wrong. The time of the changes do not occur exactly at midnight G.M.T. as the calendar shows, but this gives you a rough estimate. This calendar represents a general understanding and general correlation's to all areas of life. It also shows this area of research must be further looked into by science, health, technology, business, sports, and government.

If I can get one person to understand that a bad day may not be any persons fault but a hormonal and chemical reaction to unseen ions, it will make this all worth while. Remember when a you notice aggressive drivers in traffic, angry and upset people everywhere, feelings of depression, anxiety, stress, suicidal thoughts, aching joints and muscles, headaches ... It may just be a high positive ion day that may last a few days at the most. Things always get better. If your really having problems go out and buy a negative ion generator (sold in North America as Air Purifiers / with negative ion generator). Negative ion generators are not a cure all. They do cause the body to convert excess serotonin (the antagonist for most of the problems) into a harmless chemical called 5HA ( 5-HIAA ).

Do not put the negative ion generator into your bedroom at night. Negative ions we keep your brain at an alert yet calm state of 10 Hz (10 cycles per second). Sleep occurs between 2 Hz. - 6 Hz. .

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