Otters, and Wolves, and Bears...Oh my!!!!!
orange line we come to some of my favourite things to look at...and of course do...(evil grin)......MEN!!!!........Specifically...all those big, furry, muscular men.....WOOOOF!!!

I am especially partial to wolves....tho I do find more than an occassional bear or otter to be rather distracting...(evil grin)

Some of you may be wondering what the hell a wolf, otter, or bear has to do with men? the world of the furry man...the lingo gets kinda weird.  I will try to give my definitions of the 'bear' I said...these are my definitions...but I think they make sense, see if you agree.

Well...I guess I better list the I know them;


I'll restrict myself to these basic labels...although, there are more of them...such as ape, moose and behr, but I will let you find out about those yourself, or you can email me....(grin)

The defintions;

CUBS   This one is the only one I don't have a definitive definition for.  I tend to use three definitions for cubs....a) a younger man, who is just developing his fur and beard...b) a non-bear who is a bear admirer...thus following a bear around as cubs do to adult bears...and c) a bear or other who is a bottom looking for a bear top....okay...I know it is rather is the usage of this definition.....

BEAR;  Well...this one is rather more precise. A bear is a one of those sorta cuddly, furry men. They usually sport a beard, or goatee, and more often than not have body hair, tho, body hair is not necessary, but the facial hair is. Some men seem like bears, tho lack the beard, and some classify them as BEHRS....Bears usually have a bit more meat on their bones, and usually sport a tummy....which makes them all the more cuddly....just like your favourite teddy bear.

WOLF;  Now...these are the ones I LOVE!!!!...a wolf is similar to a bear...tho...just as in the animal kingdom, wolves tend to be leaner and more muscular than their ursine the 'wolf' is a furry, yet muscular man...usually with some facial and body hair.

OTTER;  The label for otter is again derived from nature. The otters are lean and sleek yet furry. So is a man you would call an otter. This type of man is furry, with facial and or body hair, tho lacks the muscular definition of the wolf, and lacks the excess weight that your typical bear carries. If you think of a man with a swimmer's build, tho have a typical otter.

Of course, a man may fall between categories, and since everyone's idea of what is muscular and or heavy and or lean is is a very subjective does give someone a quick idea of what type of man you are describing. Another aspect of the 'bear' label is to differentiate between types of, polar, black etc...(grin>

Anyway....enuff about labels.....time for me to show you what I think are some VERY hot men....I hope you appreciate them as much as I do....

cub pic otter  pic

bear pic bear pic bear pic bear pic

wolf pic wolf pic wolf pic wolf pic wolf pic wolf pic wolf pic wolf pic

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