The World Tour


In April 1997 Kontra-Gapi embarked on its first world concert tour. When

they return to the Philippines in October they would have performed in 72

cities in Austria, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, the

United States and Canada.


In June, the group concluded the European segment of the tour. They

received outstanding reviews from diverse audiences from the more than 40

performances and 50 workshops they staged. From July to October, they will

be touring Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming, Washington, Oregon and California

in the United States and Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia in Canada.


They were here in Calgary from Aug. 12th to Aug. 18th. Aside from the Aug. 16 concert

at the Diamond Jubilee Auditorium, they did a "Meet the Performers' Night on the 13th,

free public performances at the Devonian Gardens at noon on the 14th and at the Lord's

Table Cafe on the 15th. They had then travelled next to Edmonton, Alberta last Tuesday

afternoon Aug. 18th and will stay there until the 26th. The main concert is at the Myer

Horowitz Theatre at the University of Alberta Student Union Building .The main contacts /

organizers there are Mr. Rene Abada at 481-7297and Josie Vidal at 440-6024.


Some commentaries and reviews:


"KONTRA-GAPI (contra-oppression) is a rare and excellent event in modern

music in Asia. In its splendid performance, it reveals the exciting new

music drawn from Philippine roots with Oriental, European and American

elements in a sovereign harmonious style. This is a signal of the emerging

world culture in music."

Prof. Robert Martens

Member: Board of Regents, University of Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany


"Wonderful! The dancing and music played on traditional instruments was

thoroughly captivating. One rarely sees such wealth of a nation in one


Joze Kastelic

Honorary Consul


Ljubljana, former Yugoslavia".......... a Bird of Paradise....."

Der Bund

25 June 1997

Bern, Switzerland



"A positive, enriching concert! In an endless flow of movement, dancing

and music, enhanced by sparkling comments of Edru Abraham, a long string of

pieces inspired by the rites and culture of Filipino tribes overflow with

expression. Certainly, one of the liveliest and most impressive programs we

have ever had the good fortune of witnessing."

Meret Kammer Klaus Kammer

Concert Pianist Ecologist and Jazz Trumpetist

Bern, Switzerland Bern, Switzerland


"The young artists appeared quietly, one by one and seemingly without

leadership or any visible signals, they effortlessly played their exotic,

percussion, wind and other instruments with voices haunting and wafting all

of which sounded very different and quite strange to the European ear. Soon

enough despite North German coldness, the audience became surprisingly

animated, participating with shouts, chanting and clapping to form a unity

with the performers. With elements of dance theatre and pantomime, the

presentation proved to be a potent counter-balance to Western pop culture

and the evening turned into a colorful, fascinating and emotionally

outpouring celebration."

Hannover Zeitung

02 June 1997

Hannover, Germany


"The sounds of exotic instruments gave an elusive feeling as they caused

an unusual vibration in the atmosphere. Prof. Abraham, a perfect

entertainer, had the brilliance to integrate the audience in their

performance motivating their involvment in a way they did not quite expect.

Everyone agreed that such a marvelous show is an event that cannot be easily


Ludwig Kollman

Sales Executive and Accountant

Springe OT Ludersen, Germany


"I will say only one thing. Europe must see more and more and more of you

(KONTRA-GAPI) ......again and again and again."

Jan de Wilde

Artist and Social Worker

Brussels, Belgium


An unforgettable experience: The Ethnology Museum of Vienna came alive with

the sounds of exotic instruments, that, at best , had only been displayed in

glass cases so far. The rhythms from drums, bamboo buzzers, gongs and

metallophones were highly infectious, so much so that toward the end of the

programme everybody was dancing including Ambassadors, academics

and other VIPs.

Edru Abraham has created not only a new form of music beyond Jazz, New Wave

or cross - over Ethno but has incorporated it in highly visual

dance-theater: a feast for all the senses. This was a thoroughly

"different" concert amongst the classical offerings that Vienna is famous

for and thus a major sensation for the Austrian audience lucky enough to be

there. It was an entirely new insight into a distant culture which up to now

we knew very little about. In that sense, Kontra-Gapi is an important

cultural bridge and we hope there will be many more "crossings" in the

years to come.

Udo Starnegg

Graphic Artist and Anthropologist

Salzburg and Vienna, Austria


The Museum Of Vienna appreciates the performance of Kontra- Gapi fitting in

with the purposes of a cultural museum as it presented a mixture of music,

dance and drama. It gave an impression of the richness of Asian culture and

insight into social themes. Remarkably, the museum was filled to maximum

capacity something, which seldom happens.

Dr. Christian Schicklgruber

Head of Department for South Asia

Museum Ethnology, Vienna, Austria



The fabulous performance of the Kontemporaryong Gamelan Pilpino of the

University of the Philippines held in one of the most prestigious cultural

and historical centers of Austria , was an enriching experience for the

international community in Vienna. The exotic programme blended

magnificently with the majestic Hofburg, the former royal residence of

Austro-Hungarian emperors.

Letisma Liboon-Stockinger

Editor/Publisher, First Filipino Austrian Digest

University of the Phil. Alumni Association in Austria



"Ang galing, galing, galing, galing! Ang galing ng KONTRA-GAPI! Ang

galing talaga ng Pinoy!"

Wads Wijnberg-Tiongson

Community Development Worker

The Hague, The Netherlands