CAPTU Rally Picture:  CAPTU Recruiting Rally held this summer outside of Moosejaw, Saskatchewan.  An estimated 60,000 people showed up, even though this festive celebration was only announced four days in advance!  We were all glad to see so many of our American friends in attendance.
      Now you too have the opportunity to join the many millions of Canadian and American citizens who are already members of CAPTU.  In fact, we have already signed up thousands of people from the great country of Mexico who can not wait for the opportunity to bring their country into this alliance.  As a charter member of this influential, non-profit organization, you will be kept abreast of developments in both countries as our goal of a united North America slowly becomes a reality under the Canadian flag.
      Due to a generous financial contribution from a well known Texas billionaire, who wishes to remain anonymous at this time, we are a totally self-financing association.  Our generous benefactor in his letter stated: 

      ". . . . I used to think the only hope for America was for me to become president, but I  believe the noise of that great sucking sound can finally be silenced if the people of CAPTU get their way.  I'm on side - big time!"


      Nothing can give a movement much needed momentum more than the encouragement of people in high places.  Here are a few excerpts from recent letters received at the CAPTU World Headquarters.

. . . .
      " . . . As you are well aware, the people of America were very fond of my daughter-in-law before her untimely and tragic death.  I would like you to know that I will be sure to include mention of your association and my complete accord with its goals the next time Philip and I visit abroad."
. . . .
      " . . . At first, I have to tell you, I was angered by your group and all it stood for, but since Hillery pointed out there are no term limits in Canadian politics I've slowly come to reconsider my former position.  Why, if I play my cards right, your group could save me from the unemployment line in a few years.  And, you know, I have always loved Canadian women.  By the way . . .  you got Burger King up there in Canada?  Hell, then!  Count me in!"
. . . . 
      To join the fastest growing political movement in the western world, simply send  an E-mail to  Once your application is processed, you will  receive weekly updates in the form of our CAPTU newsletter entitled "Peaceful  Revolution".  You will also be notified of any special events and rallies taking place in your neighbourhood and around North America. 

      Don't Delay!  If you are one of the first 10,000 to sign up in this latest recruiting  drive, you will receive a commemorative lapel pin identifying you as a "CAPTU  Pioneer"

      Please include your name, age and sex, as well as your street and E-mail  addresses.  We would also appreciate learning anything else about you that you  would like to share, such as how you learned about CAPTU and why you believe  the Canadian takeover of North America is the best option for a prosperous North American future.  Thank you in advance for your support! 


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