$1.00 Loony OUR MONEY IS PRETTIER $2.00 Toony
Gray and green?  Come on, people!  All the colours in the world and you have to use only gray and green?  How boring!  Look at Canadian money!  We have purple bills and red bills, blue bills and (oddly enough) even a green bill.  And why do all American  bills look the same?  Maybe when you get used to it, it's not so bad, but I'd worry about handing the gas jockey a fifty for five bucks worth of gas.  Who'd know?  They look the same except for that extra zero.  With Canadian money that's never a danger.  You want a fiver, you dig out a blue bill.  Want a fifty?  It's red!  What could be easier? 

Canadians don't have one or two dollar bills any more, we have coins.  Unlike the US, we realized a few years ago that having a two dollar bill today is as ridiculous as having a ten cent bill would have been in the 1950's.  In the nineties, one and two dollars are pocket change and that fact is now reflected in Canadian money.  Why won't America make this common-sense change?  Because they love their money.  Not for its spending power, or it's international influence, but more as if it is some great work of art.  It's like a painting to them.  Once America joins the Dominion of Canada, the people will soon lose their sentimental attachment to this outmoded currency.  Five or ten years later, they'll be laughing at themselves and their former misguided affection.

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