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Bad Horsie's Gestures, and other Cool stuff ! # 1 siteBad Horsie's™ Web Site   Bad Horsie's™ Kool Site, ( Some NOT Suitable For Those Under 21 )

Friendship   Something Else To Pass Along

Are You In Love?   Send This To Them!

C'mere   Get L'eid Tonight!

Smile!   Send This To Cheer Someone Up!

Mooning?   Send This To Those Who Tick U Off!

Hugz   U Need 13 Hugz A Day To Survive!

Promise   Lifetime Promise

Kiss!   WOW! What A Kiss!!!

Poetry Rose   R U Still Mine?

Love U!   Show Them U Care

Feeling Dirty?   Take A Bath!

Don't Share   Just For You

Squeezing You   I think You Need A Hug...

Can You Breathe Yet?   You Can Never Get Enuff...

A Smooch   For All Your Friends!

You Are Special   More Special Than You Know

Friendships   Friendship Card

Impressive   How To Impress Them

Snuggles   C'mere

A Rose   For A Friend

Find Out If You Pass... ( not for kidz )Quiz For Men

New Friends   Friendship Is Just Being There... ( a MUST see site )

A Stick?   No Way!!!

Don't Like Thorns?   No Thorns Here!

A Rose Is Not A Rose   If There's No One To Share It With

Happy Links   Send Something To Someone Special

In Case You Forget   You Are Loved

I Like You   I Love Your Friendship

Happy Hugs   A Site With Many Wonderful Friendship Links For You To Send To Your Friends

A Fellow Blonde   A Lot Of Very Nice Sites

Olly's World   A Great Link Site To The World

Barry's Place   More Super Links...

THE Best Chat Place Going!!! ( especially the "Trivia" room)

To Download Virtual Places, click here:

The Best Chat/Game site on the Net!
A must have! You have to have this to play the gestures... (and believe me... ya wanna play the gestures!!!) and ta see the av's... ( and you really MUST see the avs, below is a quick peek at one of my av's, just to whet yer appetite...*grin* )

Download the Full Free software package

It's Acorn!!

Acorn's Little Nutz   My Own Community!!!... Come On In... ( don't be worried by the warning about it containing adult stuff... that is just a precaution, I don't want it to contain adult stuff... but one never knows what someone else may post...)

Ings Links   Need Anything for V.P.? Ings probably links to it!

Hut's Links   If Ings Doesn't, Huts Does

I Seek You   Finally! DownLoad ICQ!

Everything You Need To Write A Web Page   A GREAT Resource for Learning and Launching!

I also wish to thank these people, for unknowingly providing a lot of these links for me, in no particular order; pagan_one, caitlin52, lord-of-the-night, cybersquare, Geos, Mr. Boombastic, DWarbucks, Carrizza, jhark, postmodernist, Beerfish, woppy, doby1, _notta_... and again Bad Horsie...( Did I forget anyone??? lemme know!!! )

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I wish to acknowledge Bad Horsie for all of his graphic expertise...( and all of the other expert help he provided... I'm thinking of taking up a collection 'cause I'll  NEVER  be able to repay him)... thanks BH..*hugs*

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