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Introduction     Chantal.. what an appropriate name for such an amazing woman. The etymology of the name can be traced back to the French "chanter", meaning to sing. And sing she does. This Winnipeg born singer/songwriter/pianist released her debut album in 1996, and has released four singles including the hit "Surrounded". She has recently been included on the Armageddon soundtrack with her rendition of the song "Leaving on a Jet Plane", for which a video is rumoured to be in the works. Another project Chantal is working on, which could result in wide exposure, is to write/perform a new theme song for the hit WB television series "Dawson's Creek." While the song must certainly be approved by the show's producers, the fact they even asked is a definite indication of a start on the rise.
Background     Chantal was classically trained in music from a very early age in both piano and voice (presumably, like most Canadian music students, under the Royal Conservatory of Music syllabus). She has been immersed inPic- US release the communicative power of music for as long as she can remember. At the age of three, when her older brothers were being forced to practice piano, she would watch them intently and beg her mother to let her play, too. "My mom said, 'no honey, you're too little, when you're five, you can start lessons.' I think I developed hand-eye-ear coordination from watching my brothers before I ever touched a key. One day, I went to the piano by myself and I 'just knew' how to play. Music was always a part of me; it was just so incredibly natural. I would make up songs to my mother when she was putting me to sleep (Sony site). Chantal is blessed with perfect pitch (Dini interview), enabling her to accurately discern the tone of any sound. Although she cannot reproduce the notes to such an accuracy with her voice, it has usually proven to be beneficial to any musician in terms of touch, rhthym, tonal quality, improvisation, etc... and a remarkable learning curve.

    Although Chantal had obvious talent, both in piano and singing (apparently, she used to sing the anthem at Winnipeg Jets games), she never took full advantage of it. She only used her talent only when the need arose... writing jingles or singing in lounges whenever she needed money. That is, until about four years ago.

Decisions     While in Italy, Chantal was involved in a rather nasty moped accident. She was riding her moped in the wrong direction down a street, and an oncoming moped did not have a functioning lamp. Although the two riders saw each other, they unfortunately mirrored each other's evasive maneuvers (she went to her left, he went to his right... etc.) Chantal wound up in the hospital with a broken femur and jaw. While in recovery, Chantal took the time to re-evaluate her life, and decided that music is what really matters to her. From that decision, she started writing. So, Chantal walked away with a new direction in life, and sports a faint scar on each side of her jawline which she seems somewhat self-concious about.. enough to try to always perform with the right side (which has the fainter scar) facing the audience. (personally, upon meeting her, I don't think she has much to worry about) Chantal also admits to this day, has no idea how the other guy did (Dini interview).
A New Life     Chantal initially planned to release her CD as an indie, even going as far as gathering the necessary funds. However, during the course of preparing the album, some of the people she was working with thought it was good enough for a large label, and as a result, Chantal sent a demo to Sony Canada. Sony loved the demo enough to visit Chantal in Winnipeg and have her play for about an hour. Shortly thereafter, Sony faxed her a contract and a record deal was born. In fact, Sony had enough confidence in Chantal and her music to allow her to choose her producer. They essentially asked her "What albums do you like? ... We'll get you the producer..." Chantal eventually chose Peter Asher (10,000 Maniacs), and Matt Wallace (Sheryl Crow). (MuchMusic, Bill Welychka)
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