Carnegie Street Program

When it's time for a break from the ordinary

Who are we?

We are the Staff and Volunteers from Carnegie Centre.

What are we doing?

Street programming - connecting with people on the street, listening to ideas, creating a place for discussion, art, games etc. We’ll be working with everyone at Main and Hastings to encourage community participation, creative expression and awareness of issues that affect local residents. We want a safer atmosphere around Carnegie and along Hastings St., and we believe street-involved people can contribute. As the program develops, we will periodically hold special events along Hastings St. and throughout the Downtown Eastside.

Why is Carnegie doing this?

We want to provide positive activities on the corner for everyone. We know the people of this community have a lot of creativity and passion. If we can help focus that energy in positive ways, everyone benefits. We want to share information and help people connect with Downtown Eastside organizations.

Activities and Supplies

  • first aid supplies
  • chess, crib, checkers
  • chalk pastels, crayons, paper for drawing
  • writing supplies for letters, poetry, telling it like it is
  • teaching crafts, beading, dreamcatchers, paper mache, leatherwork, candle and jewelry making
  • musical instruments
  • info tables on issues of relevance to local residents, including HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes etc
  • staff to make referrals
  • special events
  • info about alternative opportunities
  • Native elders/Talking circles
  • brooms and supplies to clean up the garbage
Map with Carnegie and Pigeon Park


To City of Vancouver for funding this project. To Carnegie Centre Association for giving birth to this program. To Carnegie Staff and Volunteers for their support To all the agencies and organizations who have lent their support.

If you have questions...

If you want to speak to someone about the Carnegie Street Program, contact

Steve Johnson 665-3317 or Sandy MacKeigan 665-3301

Letters are welcome


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