I go to an island
silence encloses me
holds me close
light penetrates the firs
and warms my chest
I smell the fragrance of the stars
and live the last night of summer
in tenderness
I whisper love to myself

I go home to the city
pay the price of honesty
become infamous
touch and bury the dead
lose my home
the same blue sky tells me
hold yourself gently
I own my love

Michael Bowering



Fall dons its coloured cloak
with beauty radiant before the storm
All creatures heed its message,
slowly withdraw within their souls,
search deeply for their worth
and dream of things to come.
                  Anita Stevens



I hate the  hurt  I hate the hurt
I hate to hurt so I let no one in

If I open the wall the shit comes out
People will see what I am all about

Mass confusion, contorted ideas
Not even my family has any idea

There is no love   memories strewn all about
Only chaos and pain   that's all I figure out

I don't stare at the sun, the moon, the stars
they're not realistic
they're outta reach to far

I want no one's love
No touch   No embrace
'cause hate's what I know
what I feel    what I taste

                        anonymous homeless street person


Blackrobe, never will we forget
What your churches have done.
The effect on our parents and our families 
                              we still see.
Languages, customs, songs
Potlatches and drumming all forbidden
Did you think you helped us
With your schools?

The ways of the People
            with their connection to Mother Earth
Will never die.
Healing has already started
Our ways are on a come back
The heart beat of the First People is alive again

As our elders get healed
Our people become stronger.
                                              Fred Arrance


The wedding day

                    Lyrics and music by Robert Doucette

1)	The crowd is thin, on this cold summers day
	The wedding band, is here to play
	The bride she waits, in the back of a room
	She emanates her love for the groom

2)	Her parents arrive, and up the steps they go
	In this church they’ll let their little girl grow
	And blossom with the man she loves
	In a long white dress and black satin gloves

3)	And then they come and lead her through
	The doors to the one who she loves true
	The bridesmaids follow, and hold her train
	She sees a man, and feels the pain

She tries to run, but there’s no where to go
She thinks about it, that day long ago
And the flower wilts, as her hopes fade away
Cause she knows she’s lost her wedding day

This man was the one who showed her
What it was to be a woman
This man was the one who held her
Ten years ago
And she cries, cause her beau doesn’t know

4)She remembers well, it was her eighth birthday
   A family friend took her away
   When she was found, she was bruised
   She was young, he was forty-two

5) He holds out his hand, she’s taken by surprise
 	It’s then she sees the tears in his eyes
	And on that day, forgiveness rains 
	He’s free of guilt, she’s free again

6)  As the band picks up her wedding song
	She sees her love, standing strong
	She walks to him, and very soon
	She’s with him on their honeymoon


This man is the one who loves her
She feels very much a woman
This man is the one who holds her
Much to her delight
And she doesn’t cry, on her wedding night

Who Cares

Our leaders fight each other
Over the money
And the right to speck for Us
The Chiefs sit in the summit
Their people die in the street..
On reserve, off reserve in the city
It does not matter.
Status, non-status, Bill C-5l
Metis, we are all the seine Family.
Lack of decent housing
Lack of proper representation
In health issues.
Residential school syndrome
Cooking wine
That's what brings on the Pain
Taking away the bottle -
Taking away the rig -
Relocation -
Not the answer
Start dealing with the Pain.
All my relations,
           Fred Arrance

Her vision never leaves my thoughts
She's a young and beautiful person 
whom I've caught
Each day we spend time with each other
Enjoying each other together
Her hair is soft as silk
Smelling as sweet as honey and milk
Her hair is a pretty blond
Done up as if by a magic wand
Her eyes melt when they smile at me
All the hurt inside her I can see
For a moment her troubles flee
Knowing someday she will be free
Her lips have a cute little smile
But she's got to go back to work in a while
I dream of that cute little smile
Seen in my mind for a while
She doesn’t care who I am or what I do
We are the best of friends true and true
The time we spend together makes us blue
This time is special, just me and you
Our interests, some different some the same
My feelings are the thing to blame
I hope you can see what I'm trying to tell you
You're more than a friend true and true
She has a heart of gold
I'd love to be with her till we grow old
Doing things together
Just being with each other
You are a person that I truly adore
Both in the present and before
I remember the first time you came thru the door
You are a friend and maybe more
I cherish this lady for now and then
Till the next time I don't know when
You are the best in the land
The only thing stopping me is that wedding band
                                                   Anthony Dunne


… for a moment

Walking past Sunset Beach
one Sunday evening in October
I saw the most beautiful sunset
The mountains were so purple
The sky was all a rich gold
and the colour of the ocean on
English Bay was emerald green
Only for a moment did it last
Through the window of my room
Sunlight poured on my rose and
I saw the full beauty of the flower
with the look of rich red velvet
that only was there for a moment
For a moment as the sun was setting
Painted the trees in orange and gold
As birds were laughing in the forest
This is the reward found every day
When I take the time to slow down
To be at one with the world there
And some day my life will bloom
to be seen by others for a moment…

                                   Daniel Rajala

Take my hair and I'll be bald
That won't bother me at all
Take my eyes and I can't see
all your love and beauty
Take my ears and I can't hear
you whisper I love you dear
Take my nose and I can't smell
that fragrance you wear so well
Take my lips and I'm going to miss
that sweet tender kiss
Take my arms and I can't hold
onto you and grow old
Take my legs and I can't walk
Take my tongue and I can't talk
Take me any way you can
No matter what, I still am.


Carnegie Newsletter