Accidental Touch
In heaven sits a guy who does the clichés
for all the country songs
I'd like to employ him one more time
just for you
that casual touch, spontaneous caress
means more than all the p8ills I've ever taken
every drink, all the sentiment
that guy in heaven ever pecked out
if you only knew but no one will tell you
'cause certain lines never cross
boundary after boundary
the things you do when you don't know what
you are doing mean the most unconscious love
is the sweetest 'cause it doesn't know where
it comes from.. it's just there

Richard Loewen

cold pavement
makes my legs ache
and cold wet pavement
makes my heart ache
nights go longer, days go colder
soup is tasteless but it's free
“who do I look like?

the cigarette fairy?”

get bent, smoke dog shit
sing for your tasteless soup
Days without rain are rare.

C. Middlecoff

I'm nobody! Who are you?
Are you – nobody – too?
Then there's a pair of us!
Nothing to illuminate,
Nothing to eliminate,
Looking perfectly at perfection itself
Seeing perfection, one is perfectly free.
My companion has passed away
The Master, too, is gone.
There is no friendship now that equals this;
Mindfulness directed to the body.
The Old Ones now have passed away,
The new ones do not please me much,
Today I meditate all alone
Like a bird gone to its nest.


She's my best friend although we've never met
First impressions haven't come yet
We have been through good and bad
We've been through happy and sad
She's my best friend and we talk everyday
Even though we live far away
We talk about everything
She's a Queen and I am a King
She's my best friend and yes she cares
For each other we will always be there
We always joke about having a dance
Before the millennium I'll get my chance
She's my best friend and I love her so
Don't have to tell her she already knows
We'll be together through thick and thin
She's my best friend till no end

Anthony Dunne

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