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I have been gathering information on my Grandfather James TOSOFF.

He had a different name in Bulgaria. He was born 15 June 1891 in or around Sofia.

My grandfather fled from Bulgaria with another relative whom we don't know as well because he did not ever discuss much of his youth.His parents were farmers from around the Sofia Area. His mothers name was Rosa, and his sisters name was Marie.No information on his fathers give name. Later on in his life he would refer to the Valley of the Roses and the Monasteries in that region.

He is said to have done something in Bulgaria which contributed to his fear of reprisal.. While at a family ceremony with a Greek Orthodox priest.instead of kissing his ring as is the custom, he refused to kiss the ring. (he actually spit on it!) It was a ceremony were the priest would come and take the best of the farm goods and animals. I guess he didn't like to work hard and have some priest take the best of the animals and crops.

James left home and his country and made his way to the New Country of Canada.

*This is a link to a site describing different areas of Bulgaria, including the Valley of the Roses and The MonasteriesMore about Bulgaria

(There is little information about how he got to different parts of the European Continent and eventually to A Seaport.)

Arrival in Canada.

He emigrated from Bulgaria about 1908 or 1909, arriving at the port of either Halifax or St. John's in Canada. After he arrived in Canada he began employment as a fur trader, also owned a confectionary store in Edmonton Alberta, and had also run a business in Drumheller, Alberta.He married in 1920 and a few years later they moved to the Prince George Area in the Cariboo Region of Northern British Columbia.

Children James and his wife Gladys had 12 children. Most of the offspring remained in the Prince George Area of British Columbia. The names of the children are as follows in the order of birth:

Donald James,
Phyllis Dorothy,
Theodore Melvin,
Helen Eileen,
Robert Garfield,
Alexander Morley,
Douglas Ray,
Gladys Elizabeth,
Kathleen Shirley,
Ruth Isabel,
Albert Leonard,
Terrance William.

Grandfather James Tosoff Died in 1961.
Cemetery: Prince George Municipal
Location: Prince George, #2099 Ferry Avenue
Region: North-Northwest
Reference: PRFHS
Grandma Tosoff(Gladys) his wife died in 1995.

My dad, Ted Tosoff, moved to the Vancouver,B.C. area in 1945-1946 after he had served in the Canadian Armed Forces.He married my Mom Vivian in June 1948.

My grandfather's name possibly was anglicized - changed to the English spelling of TOSOFF when he arrived in Canada or the USA.

I have asked my parents to look into other information to post here -- specifically the original Bulgarian surname and given name of my grandfather.

Update as of April 7th, I have found that there was aStefan Tosoff in the USA.
He lived in Toledo and Lucas Ohio.He was born in 1884 and died in 1968. This could possibly be the relative my grandfather came to North America with.More information will be published on a separate Webpage when I get that opportunity. If anyone who comes across this page and reads this posting and knows how I can access more info regarding this latest turn of events,please do email me or sign the guestbook directing me how I may find out more about this exciting discovery!
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December 6, 1998