Ideas for a Home made cockpit/ejection seat

Thomas Russell Hong

Someone asked if there are any plans or blueprints available to build mock ejection seats, and I mentioned that it's what I think I'll do during this summer (once my final exams ended.)

I think I will go about building my ejection seat mockup by first looking at the mechanical drawings for the McDonnell Douglas Advanced Concept Escape System II (ACES II) seat which can be found in most aircraft picture books. =) The one I have is the Great Book of Modern Warplanes published by Portland House. The F-16 section of the book has a good isometric mechanical drawing of the ACES II seat, and it looks simple enough so it shouldn't be hard to build a mockup of it from plywood. The seat itself would have to be mounted on rollers to make it easier to move around, and when building it one should consider whether to incline it at 30 degrees (as in the F-16) or 15 degrees (as in the F-15 and F/A-18). Afterwards, one can bolt plywood platforms to the sides of the seat to hold the Thrustmaster throttle and stick (for the F-16 sidestick configuration). It shouldn't be hard to include a center mount for the TM stick if one wants the stick between the knees as in conventional cockpits.

So barring summer school, hopefully in a few months I should have it built. =)

TRH Sends

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