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Build Your Own Cockpit
This construction project can be used with ANY flight-sim or aviation games, including: Falcon 3, Mig 29, F-14 Tomcat, Megafortress, Flight Unlimited, ALL Microsoft Flight Simulator Versions, EF2000, ALL Aces of the....series, etc...

Flight Sim Stop-over

One of the BEST, if not the BEST site for downloading some fantastic Aircraft and Scenery for Microsoft Flight Simulator (all Versions). Try your hand at one of the Round Robins, they are quite an experience..

Geo Wright Group

Authors of some of the BEST scenery for British Columbia and Alberta I have ever seen, and I am proud to have been a Beta tester on the Alberta scenery..

Micro Wings

Great Site... You could fill a hard drive at this site...


Another great site to fill your harddrive...

Brett's Flightsimmers Page

Brett was one of the main influences in my setting up this site, it's really worth a good look see...

Jake & Pat's Flight Sim Newsletter

Jake & Pat's New home - Airplane of the week updated every Tuesday..

ATP Scenery Designs

Peter Leadbeater's new homepage outlines his scenery designs for ATP (Air Transport Pilot)

Airways of Australia (Virtual Airline)

Darren Wakefield's Airways of Australia (Virtual Airline) from down under...Oyy Mate..

Flight Sim Add-on Paks at Computer Express.

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