Masters Of Sumbission Award

We are proud to acknowledge the following sites for their presentation on the D/s lifestyle. They have captured the true essence of the D/s lifestyle through a positive and educational viewpoint. In addition, the contribution strengthens the foundation of our community and further serves as a fine example of a loving D/s relationship.

ElfMagic^ & mo`chroi{EM}'s Home Page

#D/s Tower Of Learning

Cradle & Debase-The Origin of Corruption

The Realm of ShaoLin and sun

Lord Rock and vine Homepage

Leather 'n Roses Homepage

Resblood's Homepage

BDSM Intensity

sweets 4 Bleu

This Submissive Heart

Forest Myst


The Shaded Realm Of StormChaser

BDMS - A Lifestyle Of Choice

Red Ass Cass

The Official #Cafe Homepage

The Logical Approach To Sex



BDSM rosegarden

Maitre's soumise

caryl's BDSM Page

subSPACE Of Master Hawk & karen

The Master's Chamber

Please visit these sites and refer them to those who share your interest.