Later Attempts on Kilimanjaro

    There were two attempts after mine, both from Marangu.
  1. December1973, Lacombe & Barret (France) reach Gilmans Point on a Yamaha TY250(18,640ft).
  2. (late 1973 or 1974), Expedition Moto Igualada (Spain) reach Uhuru Peak on a Bultaco (19,340ft).

Moto Igualada 1 Moto Igualada 2

Moto Igualada 3

The Moto Igualada team at Uhuru Peak
Lacombe & Barret

Christian Lacombe & Pierre Barret on Gilmans Point

Yamaha on Kilimanjaro

The TY250 on Gilmans Point

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