Introduction to Kilimanjaro...

Mt Kilimanjaro dominates the country for a hundred miles south east of Nairobi. There are two peaks, the older, jagged and smaller Mawenzi and the one you look at - the snow capped and still active volcano called Kibo. The slope of Kibo looks so gentle and easy from a distance...

The crater rim of Kibo is one and a half miles in diameter and has a drop approaching 1000ft to the edge of the icy caldera which rises inside. It is about five miles in circumference and has some permanent glaciers but is not always covered in snow.

The equator is only about 80 miles away to the north but it gets bitterly cold camping at 18,000ft on the crater rim.

There is a legend of King Menelik I of Abyssinia, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, who conquered East Africa. On his return journey he camped on the saddle (the saddle is a desert, 14,000 to 14,500ft high between the two peaks). Feeling death near he and his retainers climbed up to the crater of Kibo and disappeared into it with the slaves who were carrying his jewels and treasure.

It is said an offspring of his family will arise and restore the glory of Ethiopia, conquering all of the land to the Rufiji river. He will ascend Kibo, find the jewels of Menelik I, among which will be the seal ring of Solomon which the old king had upon his finger. This ring he will put upon his own hand, and from that moment he will be endowed with the wisdom of Solomon. Also the heroic spirit of the old king will rest upon him. (legend from the Mountain Club of Kenya Guide book).

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