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The Viking Impact

Aidan Meehan

Thames & Hudson, London 1993; 160 pp, over 400 illustrations; ISBN 0-500-27792-3

book cover

A first-edition, signed copy in very-good condition.

"At the end of the eighth century, Vikings began to plunder the Celtic monasteries, putting an end to the golden age of Celtic art in the Early Christian period. In spite of the invaders' plundering, their impact was not simply destructive. In a second golden age that flourished into the high Middle Ages, Irish Dragon and Griffin patterns were wrought in Viking styles, producing a marvelous and distinctive art akin to Art Nouveau and Gothic fantasy. The author shows how these patterns are formed and gives detailed practical advice on how they can be recreated and adapted by today's artists and designers, or by anyone wishing to enjoy the sheer decorative exuberance of these once fearsome beasts".

With over 200 illustrations.

Pages from the book

Pages from the book

Pages from the book

Pages from the book

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