CELTIC DESIGN: KNOTWORK - the Secret Method of the Scribes
by Aidan Meehan

Thames & Hudson, London 1991; 160 pp, 434 illustrations

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The methods behind the technical and artistic perfection of these marvellous interlaced patterns are all here: the simple knot is developed into a border, panel, or traditional carpet-page, a form which reached its climax in the richly decorated Gospel books. Knotwork is examined in detail against the background from which it sprang, and illustrations of motifs taken from famous manuscripts, brooches and carvings show how Celtic knots can be adapted for all manner of craftwork.

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These beautifully illustrated books are a must. They contain some very good advice
- Books Ireland

Pages from the book

Pages from the book

Pages from the book
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Text and images: Copyright © Aidan Meehan 2007